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January 17, 2012

Board Minutes for January 17, 2012

Davis Community Network Board of Directors Meeting

Activity Room, Davis Senior Center

Members: Bill Buchanan, Tsui Chang, Sheila Evans, Jim Frame, Anne Hance, Teri Greenfield, Russ Hobby, Jan Meizel, Steve McMahon, Robert Nickerson, Kimball Sargeant, Richard Yamagata (12 active members; quorum = 7)


Present: Tsui, Teri, Anne, Jan, Russ, Steve, Sheila
Kimball has sent a letter of resignation, and does not count towards quorum

Teri called the meeting to order at 5:20pm

Public comment

No public present

Approve minutes – 12/13/11 meeting

Approved by consensus

Election: Officers

Bill was chair of the officer-nominating committee, with Steve and Tom. They nominated:

President: Teri Greenfield
Vice President: Bill Buchanan
Treasurer: Jim Frame
Secretary: Steve McMahon

Steve moved this; Jan seconded
Unanimously approved

Election:  Board Members

Russ chaired the board-member nomination committee

Russ reported that Bill, Teri, Jan, Russ, Robert are up for renewal; all have agreed to serve again. Russ noted that he might not be in Davis for a full two years.

Russ moved renewal election of these five; Anne seconded.
Passed unanimously.

Letter of Resignation from Kimball

Kimball has moved to Santa Cruz, and is unable to continue as a board member. He will continue as our legal advisor

Teri moved we accept reluctantly; Sheila seconded

Unanimously accepted.

Nonprofit Internet Toolkit/Help Center

Anne reported on the work of a group including Jan and Tsui to update the web site, including the content produced during the Vista grant. Anne distributed a several page printout of proposed additions/changes.

Positive feedback from board. Anne noted that this is not so much creating new material as better organizing what we already have available.

Sheila will lead a group to work on organization of help/search for questions that come up frequently. Pretty much everyone will help.

Committee reports

Web team: Steve noted that we have a SimpleSite website that’s been accumulating linkspam and mail to the designated admin has been bouncing. Under existing policies, Steve is trying to find a new admin, but there’s been no response. The site will be archived until someone in the group takes responsibility for it.


Tsui noted a recent $200 donation

Adjourned at 6:08pm

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