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February 21, 2012

Minutes of the Davis Community Network Board of Directors

Davis Community Network Board of Directors Meeting

February 21, 2012

Conference Room, Hunt-Boyer Mansion, 604 2nd Street

Present: Bill Buchanan, Tsui Chang, Jim Frame, Anne Hance, Teri Greenfield, Jan Meizel, Steve McMahon
Absent: Sheila Evans, Russ Hobby, Robert Nickerson, Richard Yamagata (11 active members; quorum = 6)

Teri called us to order at 5:22pm

Agenda unanimously approved

Minutes for January 17 meeting

Approved unanimously

Nonprofit Internet Toolkit (Anne) 

Anne reported on progress on the toolkit web pages. Anne noted that we would be updating printable documents for our major tools.

Online Tutorials (Teri)

Work is well underway. The first few are expected to be the hardest. We’re learning a lot.

Room update (Sheila)

Sheila wasn’t available. Lesson learned last night: holidays will need to be anticipated. Sheila will be following up on training room protocols.

Spring Classes (Tsui, Sheila)

A survey requesting suggestions is now open. A first draft of classes is in development. We’ll need a schedule so that we can have a board member at every class.

Meeting with City Manager

Jim has put together a meeting with the City Manager. Jim, Tsui and possibly Teri can make it. This has come up because the city was considering promoting a commercial (ad-supported) company that duplicate some services of DCN tools.

Committee reports

RAC: Jan reported on approvals last night, including the Davis Diamonds parents association.

Web Team: Problem with unmoderated link spam in a group site has been solved; new admin for site found.


Teri noted that we’ll have a potential volunteer at our next meeting.

Adjourned at 6:01pm

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