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March 20, 2012

Minutes of the Davis Community Network Board of Directors

Davis Community Network Board of Directors Meeting

March 20, 2012

5:15 – 6:00 p.m.
Redwood Park Community Building, 1001 Anderson Road
Attending: Anne, Sheila, Jan, Teri, Bill, Tsui, Steve

Members: Bill Buchanan, Tsui Chang, Sheila Evans, Jim Frame, Anne Hance, Teri Greenfield, Russ Hobby, Jan Meizel, Steve McMahon, Robert Nickerson, Richard Yamagata (11 active members; quorum = 6)

Call to Order  5:18

Agenda approval

by consensus

Public comment

no public

Approve minutes – 2/21/12 meeting 5:18

Approved by consensus

Survey Results (Teri)

Class pre 22 responses, 50% had not attended.

Topics of interest in order of response: Internet TV, Routing & WiFi, Smart Phones

Best time: Evening, Workday (way ahead)

Spring Class schedule (Sheila, Tsui)

Schedule is firming up; classes start next week; new security class

Room update (Sheila)

Board meetings will be in DJUSD South Conference Room; Training in their training room. Jan asked Steve to check on Internet access in the training room.

Online Tutorials (Tsui)

    Tsui and Teri have been continuing to produce videos; not happy with current capture/edit software. Looking for alternatives.

    Committee reports

      No RAC meeting this month; Webteam: help center for DCN tools is developing. Steve will be giving the “Cutting the Cable” talk for UCD brown-bag series and will be interviewed by CPR’s “Insight” program.
      OPC needs to meet to plan Celebrate Davis presence.

      NEXT BOARD MEETING:  April 17, 2012

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