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Minutes for April 17, 2012

Minutes of the Davis Community Network Board of Directors

Meeting held at DJUSD South Conference Room 


Teri, Sheila, Steve, Jan, Jim, Bill, Tsui, Russ (5:38pm)

Teri called us to order at 5:21pm

Agenda approval by consensus

Public comment — no comment

Approve minutes – 3/20/12 meeting

Approved by consensus

Celebrate Davis (Teri)

May 17th. Teri has sent out an invitation for a Google Doc to coordinate this to interested parties. We need to sign up for shifts.

Committee reports

Web team: DCN toolkit help from various places is consolidating to a single spot inside the DCN CMS. Addition of videos is continuing. And, Scott has created a new homepage buttons — Steve will add them.

We’ve purchased a copy of “Camtasia” for screen-capture production, and are having excellent results.

RAC: A couple of applications approved; email addresses and a simple site. Tsui and Jan discussed possibilities for rapid approval for easy cases, particularly when there are upcoming classes.

Classes: Sheila reported that the class schedule is underway. Tonight’s online security is expected to be full. Keith had a great class for about seven. Attendance for the Simple Sites classes was light.


Jan is working with the Yolo County Office of Education on some classes for teaching tablet use for special-education students. Jan wondered if DCN could apply with YCE for a grant to help cover this. Overhead from other potential applicants is higher.

General feedback that we’re happy to explore this. Jan will assemble the grant and keep the executive committee advised on terms.

Tsui moved the executive committee be empowered to review and (if accepted) approve the grant application.
Jim seconded.
Approved by consensus.

Adjourned at 5:50pm

Next Meeting: May 15th

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