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Minutes for May 15, 2012

Minutes of the DCN Board of Directors

5:15 – 6:00 p.m.
DJUSD South Conference Room
Members: Bill Buchanan, Tsui Chang, Sheila Evans, Jim Frame, Anne Hance, Teri Greenfield, Russ Hobby, Jan Meizel, Steve McMahon, Robert Nickerson, Richard Yamagata (11 active members; quorum = 8)

Attending: Russ, Jim, Jan, Bill, Tsui, Anne, Steve, Teri

Teri called us to order at 5:15

Agenda approved by consenus

Public comment


Approve minutes – 04/17/12

Approved by consensus

Celebrate Davis (Sheila, Teri, Tsui)

Sheila will set up at noon, check in at 4:30. Banner, poster, give-aways, t-shirts. We'll be seeking short video testimonials. Russ will do the video. Jim will seek folks out.  Tsui will take photos.

Spring Class wrap-up (Tsui, Sheila)

Jan noted that we might want to use the senior center for the rare case when the district blocks an application. So for, that's only been Skype.
Steve noted that our tools classes were lightly attended, while more general Internet classes were well attended. Perhaps we should be teaching the tools (SimpleSites and such) on a demand basis, as we allocate the tools.
Bill asked if we have any metrics on use. Steve noted that there are a few that can be put together. Anne and Jan noted that the RAC periodically reviews sites. Tsui wondered if we need to be streamlining the application process or finding a way to approve more quickly than once a month. Anne suggested the RAC take it up. We can also probably let folks know why we meet to consider applications, and let them know urgency is possible. The RAC will also take a look at the landing and application pages.

Committee reports

The RAC report was pretty much considered in the previous agenda item.
Web team: readying for another election.


Jim asked if we need to consider what to do with a couple of board members who have been attending so infrequently that they aren't in compliance with bylaws requirements. Should we ask if they want to go on leave?

Jan wondered if we'd be interested in doing scrip cards with local grocery stores. Jim noted he wouldn't want to be competing with the schools. There may be some market of folks not involved with the schools.

Adjourned at 6pm

NEXT BOARD MEETING:  June 19, 2012

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