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Minutes for September 4, 2012

Minutes of the DCN Board of Directors

Board meeting at DJUSD, Superintendent's Conference Room

Teri called the meeting to order at 5:18pm

Attending: Jan Meizel, Steve McMahon, Teri Greenfield, Russ Hobby, Sheila Evans, Anne Hance, Bill Buchanan


Agenda  approved by consensus

Minutes for June 20 approved by consensus


We rent suites H, J & I at 1260 Fifth, and have received notice of a pending rent increase. Omsoft is looking into moving. But that will be a bit. They may keep resources on Fifth St for up to a year. We really don't need the big office. Rob says it will be ok for is to rent space from him.

INet and UCD link need attention.

Tech ops should take it up.


Sheila will look into senior center for cable class, which may be larger.

We need to do some dry runs to check things that were a problem last time for classes in the DJUSD lab. 

First class is cable, then workshop.

Retreat Wrapup

Anne suggested we go through notes and make  them part of our permanent record.

Teri said to send her notes or corrections, and she'll edit. She'll also pick out action items. Well take it up at the next board. 

CommunicationsAnne noted that we need a mechanism for easy contact of resource managers.

Steve said he should work on a mechanism (suggested by Russ) for automated notifications for resource users. "you're using..."

Committee reports

 RAC is publicizing availability of resources.

 Web team is continuing to work on calendar updates. Usual flurry of beginning of school issues, but no blacklistings yet.

Adjourned at 6 pm






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