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Minutes for October 12, 2012

Minutes of the DCN Board of Directors

DCN Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, October 16, 2012

DJUSD East Conference Room

Minutes recorded by Jim Frame

Members  present:  Bill Buchanan, Sheila Evans, Jim  Frame,  Teri Greenfield, Anne Hance, Jan Meizel, Rob Nickerson.

Members  absent:  Tsui Chang, Russ Hobby, Steve McMahon,  Richard Yamagata.

1.  The meeting was called to order at 5:16.

2.  The agenda approved by consensus.

3.  No public comment was presented.

4.   The  minutes  of the September 24 meeting were  approved  by consensus.

5.   5th Street office lease.  There are still details yet to  be worked  out  concerning DCN's future office plans.   Sheila  will continue to gather information about the current arrangement from the  property manager.  The most recent lease document  that  has surfaced  is dated 1999, so the assumption is that DCN  is  on  a month-to-month basis for Suites H and I.

Rob  hopes to vacate the Suite F Omsoft office by January 1.  The shared equipment in the server room (Suite H) will have to remain for  a year or so in order to arrange an orderly transition to  a new space.

The  ExCom  will  continue  to monitor  the  situation  and  plan accordingly.

The Suite J designation appears to be limited to PG&E billing and not  to  space rental.  Rob will let the ExCom know  when  he  is ready  for  assistance in determining which physical  spaces  are connected  to  the Suite J meter.  This will be  accomplished  by flipping the Suite J breaker to "off" and seeing what goes  dark. Rob will first ensure that backup power for critical equipment is available  in  case  some of it is powered through  the  Suite  J meter.

6.   Fall  classes.   Teri  stated that  DCN  needs  to  work  on publicity  for the spring classes, and that fall class attendance drops  markedly when the change to standard time puts  the  class start  after  dark.   She noted that the  October  11  class  was canceled  due  to lack of interest likely caused by overlap  with other  popular events.  The fall classes are coming to  a  close, with  possibly one more workshop on DCN tools.  Teri will  confer with Steve about this.

7.    Retreat  notes.   Teri  sent  transcribed  notes  from  the strategic  planning  retreat  to board  members  for  review  and comment.   The goal is to have an accurate archive of  the  event discussions for future reference.

8.   Board recruitment.  Teri will coordinate with Russ Hobby  to determine the status of recruitment efforts.

9.   Committee reports.  Jan reported that the last  RAC  meeting was  sparsely  attended.  The committee approved 3  applications, and  letter of approval have been sent.  Jan noted that  she  has been  using  her  personal  email  account  to  communicate  with applicants,  and  that this may be resulting in  an  increase  in spam.   Jan  will coordinate with Rob to set up a new  RAC  chair account for the purpose.

10. The meeting was adjourned at 5:54. 

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