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Minutes for November 20, 2012

Minutes of the DCN Board of Directors

Teri called the meeting to order at 5:30pm


Members  present:  Russ Hobby, Steve McMahon,  Jim  Frame, Teri Greenfield, Anne Hance, Rob Nickerson, Richard Yamagata
Members  absent: Bill Buchanan,  Tsui Chang, Sheila Evans,  Jan Meizel


Approved by consensus, Steve abstaining


Lease, Office

Jim reported that he's met with the landlord's representative, and we're working on reducing our office space needs. We're hoping that the NOC may stay in existing space.

Nomination Committees for Officers, Board Members

At this meeting, we're supposed to be appointing a committee for nomination of board members. The President is to appoint a committee for nomination of officers.

Agreed that we will largely use the same committee for both: 

Teri Greenfield, Kari Peterson, Anne Hance

Teri appointed this group to officer selection committee.

We'll add Russ for the board member committee.

Teri moved approval of the nominated board member nomination committee
Steve seconded
Unanimously approved

Committee Reports

Steve reported for the web team that our side of the election process went swimmingly

Anne reported for the RAC:

Four groups approved at last meeting:

  • Girl Scout Camping
  • Yolo Healthy Aging Alliance
  • Woodland Tennis
  • Compassion Corner

Compassion Corner may need some assistance going forward to make decisions about how to organize posting of comments.

Anne is working on organization of the toolkit resources on our website.

Leave for Tsui Chang

Teri noted that Tsui is on leave in Shanghai

Anne moved that we place Tsui in "official" leave status. This means she's on the board, but won't count towards quorum.
Jim seconded
Unanimously approved

Adjourned at 5:45pm

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