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Minutes for January 15, 2013

Election of 2013 Officers, Renewing Board Members


Call to Order  5:18

Present: Teri Greenfield, Bill Buchanan, Jim Frame, Anne Hance, Russ Hobby, Jan Meizel, Steve McMahon
Absent: Sheila Evans, Rob Nickerson, Richard Yamagata

Approve minutes – 11/18/12 meeting

Approved by consensus

Public Comment

No public

New Business

Officer and Board Nominations

At the December meeting, the board received committee recommendations for officers and renewing members.


Bill Buchanan, President
Teri Greenfield, Vice President
Steve McMahon, Secretary
Jim Frame, Treasurer

Members continuing

Rob Nickerson, Russ Hobby, Jan Meizel

Anne moved approval of both officers and renewals
Steve seconded
Unanimously approved

5th Street Lease

Jim reported:

Sheila, Rob and Jim met with landlord representatives to review proposed terms.

Plan is to vacate current office space and maintain only the NOC. There will be room for a desk in there and Rob has indicated we may use office space at Omsoft's new office.

Rent will decline from $550 (approx) to $465 (fixed, two years; inflator at third year).

Details on electricity and air conditioning remain to be determined.

DCTV has indicated an interest in taking the furniture in the office, which has negligible value.

Jim noted that there is real value for us in avoiding moving, even though the new terms are not as good as the past.

Some point of our NOC rent is passed on to Omsoft.

Exec committee has generally approved the terms as a basis for continuing negotiation. No action needed now.

Seminar Participation Proposal

Bill reported that Mark Simon is putting together a conference, "Perspectives and Practices to Restore Who We are Together," and is looking for a non-profit partner.

Description: this is a facilitated program on building/restoring community. No particular technology focus. Looking to hold it at DCC.

Mark approached us because of our community/communication focus.

Discussion as to whether or not this speaks to our particular purpose in the absence of any communications technology interest.

Bill will take back the message that we don't have a particular interest in this.

Committee reports


Processed 4 applications and an old approval that didn't use the resources reapplying.

Web team

Work on calendar, simple sites upgrade continuing


Bill is working on a DCN "world tour" speech to give to groups to introduce DCN. Needs feedback. Service Clubs might be a good audience.

A DCN News is needed. Bill's talk might be a good lead topic.



Adjournedd at 6:10pm

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