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Minutes for February 19, 2013

Bill called us to order at 5:22pm

Attending: Teri Greenfield, Anne Hance, Steve McMahon, Rob Nickerson, Bill Buchanan

Absent: Richard Yamagata, Jan Meizel, Russ Hobby, Sheila Evans, Jim Frame

Agenda approved unanimously

Public comment

No public!

Minutes for the 1/15/13 meeting

Steve moved approval
Anne seconded
Unanimously approved

Power outage recap: Any changes we need to make?

In early February, we had the DCN app servers down for several hours on a weekend.

Rob has adjusted server monitoring software to do service-level monitoring of DCN's app servers. Rob noted that this was the first power outage and serious service interruption since 2008.

Lease update

Everyone present has already heard about this in person (Rob) or at exec comm meetings.

Volunteer opportunity board possibilities (Teri)

We need to find a person to head this up. This is a volunteer opportunity bulletin board mechanism based on the DCN calendar model of organizations posting their own opportunities.

Committee reports

  • RAC has approved projects including Yolo Chapter of Grand Jury Association.
  • OPC hasn't met, but did get out newsletter.
  • Web team: typical month. Steve noted that we're doing the returned ballot lookup for the March election.
  • Tech Ops: IP block conversation needs to continue.


Rob reported on a DNS amplification attack making use of DCN servers to attack others. Omsoft is taking compensating action.

6:05pm: adjournment

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