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Minutes for September 17, 2013

Fall classes, Outage notices, IP Block

Bill called us to order at 5:20

Present: Bill Buchanan, Teri Greenfield, Jan Meizel, Steve McMahon, Anne Hance, Jim Frame, Rob Nickerson

Absent: Richard Yamagata, Sheila Evans, Russ Hobby

Public comment

No public

Approve minutes from June (no meeting in July, no quorum in August)

Anne moved approval
Jan seconded
Approved unanimously with Jim abstaining (wasn’t present)

Outage notice update

We need to follow up with Rob on implementation, triggering mechanisms.

Is there an external notification mechanism?

We talked with Rob about setting up a notification mechanism and how external monitoring might work.

Anne noted that for this to really work, we’ll need to publicize.

Teri, Jim and Steve volunteered to be the initial contacts. Jim will be the lead on getting their info to Rob.

Decide fall classes

Plans so far:

  • Class on lists, with catchier title, Oct. 10 Steve;
  • Cut the Cable, Chromecast version, Oct. 29, Steve;
  • Tools drop-in; we need to find a date when several people can help out.

Possibilities that we would need to refine and get instructors for:

  • Possible class on tips with advanced use of Facebook;
  • Using Kickstarter. Bill noted that there might be possibilities for using it for non-profit fundraising. Rob also has a contact that used it this way successfully; he noted that it takes some organizing to bring the community to a local kickstarter. He gave a class to makerspace. Rob will contact. Lots of excitement for this.
  • Less likely class on advanced use of Facebook and other social media for networking, or class on privacy now that we know more than ever about the spread of
  • snooping, observing and surveillance

Discussion refined the list to four classes: list management, tools drop-in, cutting cable, kickstarter. Tools will probably be first half of November.

--Possible locations for Cable class: city chambers (no council meeting on 5 Fellows Hall, school multipurpose room

MOU with City of Davis

Bill had put this on the agenda to check in; Rob has also been talking with the city, and asked for feedback on how this might work with DCN’s MOU.

Volunteer coordination tool

Jan suggested that a simpler version of volunteer advertising is to associate it with events.

Steve suggested that this could move forward if we have a project-manager/owner. We wondered if Tsui might wish to take this on as something to become more active when she returns.

Committee reports

RAC: worked with Montgomery Elementary, will use calendar, simplesite. Also, Third-Space Artists Cooperative.

TechOps: Rob discussed the network outage; data center in Sac went down for an hour. Totally out of Omsoft’s control.

Rob met with net ops for UCD, discovered that UCD needs IP addresses. Conversation is continuing for a possible lease of half DCN's class B block of IP addresses. Possible two year period with renewal opportunity. Rob has researched IP4 broker prices: large block leases, 50 cents per address per month.

[Bill noted his employment with UCD IT creates a conflict for him. He recused himself from active discussion. Teri took over chairing for this item. Teri and Jan noted that they also work with UCD, but not with a group that would be involved.]

Rob noted his interest in the matter because he’s the manager of the IP block. The board agreed to stay aware of this interest and make sure that this proceeds in a way where our interests don’t conflict.

Steve moved that we authorize Rob to negotiate on our behalf in consultation with the treasurer. As it moves to contract, Jim will increase responsibility in the negotiations and will report progress to the executive committee.
Anne seconded

(debate: Jim noted that we may want to consult someone in the industry.)

Unanimously approved with Bill recused.

Bill resumed chairing.

Roles & recruitment for 2014: a pre-season mention

Bill just noted that this is coming up.



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