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Minutes for November 19, 2013

Prepare for 2014 officer and director elections; planning for future possibilities discussion

Present: Bill Buchanan, Jim Frame, Teri Greenfield, Anne Hance, Shiela Evans, Steve McMahon, Robert Nickerson

Absent: Russ Hobby, Richard Yamagata, Jan Meizel

1. Call to order

Bill called the meeting to order at 5:20pm

2. Agenda approval

Approved by consensus

3. Public comment

No public!

4. Approve minutes from September 17 (Oct meeting had no quorum)

Approved by consensus

5. Fall classes wrapup

Check in on setup for Kickstarter class; we should have ample assistance for that class.

6. Contract Discussions; IP block rental

This item to be chaired by DCN Vice President Greenfield (Bill has a possible conflict of interest and did not participate in this discussion.)

We opened executive session to discuss possible contract terms.

Executive sessions closed with Rob having received some negotiating direction, but no reportable action.

Bill resumed chairing and participation.

7. Prepare for Board member & officers elections for 2014

We reviewed bylaws requirements for the nominating committees.

Anne moved we create a board membership nominating committee of Jan, Sheila and Kari Peterson (non-board volunteer), with Sheila being the convenor
Seconded by Steve
Unanimously approved

Bill appointed an officer nominating committee of Jim, Kimball Sargeant, Steve with Kimball as off-board volunteer. Kimball’s appointment is contingent on his accepting the great responsibility.

Sheila will contact Russ to see if he has old materials created by Brian G. 

8. Proposal to invite a few key people to a board discussion

Bill noted that while we’re in a sustainable state, we’re still fragile; energy could wane. We should be thinking more about what we need to do and how we can do it.

Bill suggested bringing in some people for a discussion on this in early 2014. Some outside folks who can give feedback and ideas. Perhaps some of folks from Davis Maker Space.

Maybe February board meeting? Very favorable discussion. Suggested that three might be a great number of invitees.

9. Committee reports

Nothing notable for this month



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