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Minutes for January 21, 2014

Officer elections, IP block rentals

Bill called us to order at 5:33



Attending: Bill Buchanan, Sheila Evans, Jim Frame, Teri Greenfield, Anne Hance, Russ Hobby, Jan Meizel, Steve McMahon

Absent: Robert Nickerson, Richard Yamagata

Approve minutes from December, 5:33

Approved by consensus


Update on IP rental negotiations with UC Davis

Bill turned over chairing to Teri

Jim reported that a draft agreement is in the works; we expect to review it. $20,000 for two years, option to renew for a third year at a higher rate, for half of our class B.

Bill resumed chairing

Related subject: Sheila finances are currently very tight -- in part due to dramatically rising energy costs. Revenues from Omsoft are now simply covering costs from the network room.

Steve suggested that he, Sheila and Jim meet with Rob to revisit what we’re paying for and what we’re getting. (Room, power, IP addresses, server admin costs.)  Jim will convene. Steve will check to see which of our servers are actually in the network room.

Sheila also reported that we’ll be changing CPAs due to retirement.

Electing officers, board members, for 2014, Jim

Jim chaired the officer nomination committee:

Original nominations (last meeting) were:

Bill, president

Teri, vice-president

Steve, Secretary

Jim, Treasurer

At the last meeting, Rob Nickerson indicated willingness to take one of these positions. Rob was substituted for Teri as VP.

So, new slate:

Bill, president

Rob, vice-president

Steve, secretary

Jim, treasurer

Jim moved slate
Sheila seconded
Unanimously approved


Bill reported on behalf of the Nominations Committees. Nominations for renewed terms: Anne, Steve, Sheila, Jim

Steve will contact to ask Richard Yamagata if an advisory role would be appropriate, given his inability to make board meetings.

The orthophotos server

DCN has been serving 2001 and 2003 editions of City of Davis planning area orthophotos. The city served newer ones for some time, but is no longer able to do that. This is not as big a service as it used to be due to free high quality maps like But, it’s still a service useful to a small group for comparative purposes. Jim and Steve will work on getting the 2012 update online.

Committee reports

Jan reported DSHS Speech and Debate and Y'Ukes (Yolo Ukeleles) were allocated resources this month.

Adjournment, 6:22


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