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Minutes for February 18, 2014

Major topic for this meeting: If we were starting over again, what would be worth working on?

DJUSD Superintendent’s Conference Room

Present: Bill Buchanan, Jim Frame, Teri Greenfield, Anne Hance, Steve McMahon, Robert Nickerson
Absent:Sheila Evans, Richard Yamagata, Jan Meizel, Russ Hobby

Visitors: Braden Pellett, grew up in Davis, lived in SoCal, Japan. Works at UCD in 3D Visualizations / informatics. On the board of Davis Maker Space. Bart Wise, attending on behalf of Davis Media Access.

Called to order at 5:20pm 

Public comment


Approve minutes from January, 5:18

Jim moved; approved by acclamation

Electing board members, Jim, 5:20

On behalf of the nominations committee, Jim moved the renewal of terms for:
Anne, Steve, Sheila, Jim
Teri seconded

Thanks to Richard Yamagata, outgoing board member for many years of service on the board.

The big discussion

If we were starting over again, what would be worth working on?

The yeast for the discussion: Given why DCN was formed (see below), if we were starting from scratch, what services would we feel compelled to provide? It used to be email accounts and affordable Internet access and resources. What would it be in Davis, today?

This was a very wide ranging discussion. Some items mentioned were:

Municipal broadband

DCN as activist / organizer, partnering with others

Rob talked about possibilities and expenses.

Economic development aspect may be most important.


Rob noted the other direction things may be going: ubiquitous mobile connectivity. Maybe it will be “good enough” to meet needs. Fascinating possibilities for mapping / visualization for community.

Wireless in free spectrum is developing lots of collisions.

Local cloud / backup

Internet of things oriented to community purposes

Wiki on a map; develop visualizations -> augmented reality; community databases

Rob talked about a “gigabit network” lab that is an Omsoft dream.

Adjourned at 6:50pm

NEXT BOARD MEETING: March 18, 2014


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