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Minutes for March 18, 2014

Major topics: IP Block Rental Agreement, Financial Update

Bill called the meeting to order at 5:15pm

Present: Sheila Evans, Anne Hance, Teri Greenfield, Rob Nickerson, Steve McMahon, Bill Buchanan

Absent: Jim Frame, Russ Hobby, Jan Meizel

Public comment

No Public!

Approve minutes from February

Approved by acclamation

IP rental negotiations with UC Davis, Rob & Jim

Rob chaired this item due to a conflict for Bill

Rob reported that agreement was reached with UCD for rental of half our class B IP block. Jim  reviewed the document, and it’s been returned to UCD. March 31st is the planned beginning date. Payment for DCN should follow. (UCD may be a slow payer.)

First payment to be $20,000 for two years; renewal option for third year, $20,000. Fourth year to be negotiated.

Bill resumed chairing

Financial update, Jim, 5:30

Sheila reported on last six months of DCN finances, which are very tight. Some months, expenses have exceeded income. Omsoft has agreed (very generously) to take more of electrical bill, which will help a great deal in the summer. We’re also exploring getting the hot things out of the room (to Omsoft), which will reduce air conditioning needs dramatically.

This is our tightest time of year, awaiting the annual yolo county payment. Steve will check with the elections/recorder/assessor office about possible increment in their MOU payments.

Subscriber revenue stream is down dramatically, so main income sources are now Yolo County, City of Davis and Omsoft. Rob suggested that the subscriber demand falloff is probably going to slow dramatically (changes already absorbed).

Rob suggested that we could do some publicizing. The basic account is $2/month. A slightly higher tier gives command line access / web publishing. Rob reported that many folks changing to other access methods are happy to keep paying $2/mo to keep their email address.

Steve suggested asking list owners to include a short appeal with a regular mailing. Completely voluntary.

DCN by the numbers could use an update. It’s a good document for communicating what we do.

Communications with the city that might request an increment in their payments should probably wait until after the election.

Bill summed up current action plan: reduce expenses for electricity, room; solicit contributions via email lists; conclude agreement with UCD, seek incremental increase from county.

Following up on ideas from “future of DCN” session at February’s board meeting, Bill, 5:40

Brief discussion of the two major ideas for new, exciting work:

1) widespread broadband

2) adding geographical/mobile layer on local information mapping like Davis Wiki.

Our weekly lunch meetings would probably be a good place to advance these ideas by inviting potentially interested people.

Committee reports

Anne reported on behalf of Jan that a couple of projects were approved and one is in a holding pattern due to lack of information.

Teri/Bill noted that Celebrate Davis is coming again. We had concluded last year that this wasn’t a particularly good event for us. So, no interest.

Classes! Rob said he would teach one. Steve also. Teri noted that we need a new location. Rob suggested that the maker space might be an available venue. There is no air conditioning, so it may not be a summer possibility. Social media, maker space itself, good class possibilities.

Tools class: Teri noted the greatest need is in early fall.

NEXT BOARD MEETING: April 15, 2014

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