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Minutes for September 16, 2014

Guests, City MOU, Financial Update

Bill called us to order at 5:15pm

Present: Bill Buchanan, Jan Meizel, Steve McMahon, Jim Frame, Anne Hance, Teri Greenfield

Absent: Russ Hobby, Sheila Evans, Robert Nickerson

Guests: Mike Adams and Bill Wagman

Introduce guests, Mike Adams and Bill Wagman

Many of us had already met Mike at a recent exec comm lunch. Bill Wagman introduced himself.

Public comment

No comments

Approve minutes from July and August

Draft minutes had been distributed by email
Anne moved approval; Jan seconded
Approved by consensus

City MOU negotiations update

Jim had been working on this, but Jason Best (our identified contact) has been out sick for some time. He’s back, and Jim has asked if we can re-begin negotiations.

Bill explained some of the basics of the MOU for our guests.

Financial update

We haven’t yet received MOU payments from the COD; this is being checked on. There may be some lack of clarity due to the transition of technical services.

Payment has been received for the two-year rental of ½ of our class B block of IP addresses.

Anne gave some background on our fundraising options.

Classes this fall, update

We’ve upcoming classes at Connections Cafe scheduled

Next up is Anne, Monday, on searching. 6-8pm. Next up at the beginning of October will be the Elections web site. Jenna Templeton of the Elections Office will appear. Steve will help.


Bill reported that a draft DCN-News is out and asked for feedback.

It will go out soon.

Jan suggested we ask for volunteers for helpers at Connections Cafe classes.

Board elections, informational

Bill went through our bylaws requirements for board membership and officer elections. We’ll need to constitute two committees, one for each.

Committee reports


The RAC received two applications. One was a group already in our list, and didn’t need to reapply. Another withdrew. The committee discussed how to drum up new interest.

Steve also noted that it’s probably about time for the periodic review of usage.

Web team

  • New elections site is live;
  • DPNS has several new lists;
  • Explorit has begun a site update process.



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