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Minutes for November 18, 2014

Preparing for officer/board elections; Financial updates.

Bill called us to order at 5:20pm



Present: Bill Buchanan, Sheila Evans, Steve McMahon, Mike Adams, Anne Hance, Robert Nickerson, Teri Greenfield
Absent: Jim Frame, Russ Hobby, Jan Meizel

Public comment

No public!

Approve minutes from October

Approved by acclamation

New Business

Prepare for Board member & officers elections for 2015

Bill noted that our bylaws require some regular procedures for recruiting board members and officers.

Board recruitment has been substantially handled with new additions and more to come. So, Bill B. suggested that this could be pro-forma this year.

Bill Wagman asked for a briefing on how recruitment has been handled in the past. Bill B. noted that its typically done via existing board member connections and annual recruitment.

Mike wondered if there are unrepresented groups who should be represented. Seniors, students, etc. Anne noted that this was deliberately done  (seeking both expertise and representation) a few years ago, and it could be a good idea to re-do it. A nominating committee could do this. Bill B. suggested this could be a long-term committee -- perhaps 14 months to hit next year.

Committee: Mike, Sheila, Kari Peterson (volunteer, not on board)
Moved by Bill B, seconded by Robert
Unanimously approved

Work for this year is done. Real work is for next year.

Officer nominations

Bill B discussed the officer positions and who's done it in the past.

Bill B. names this committee in December.

Old Business

City MOU negotiations update; need to schedule brainstorming review session

Bill B. caught us up on status. When the board informally met with Rob Davis, he noted that now that the tech component of the MOU has been moved over to Omsoft, this could be handled by community services rather than COD IT.

We don't know how the city will wish to handle it, but we should think about the balance of the way we wish to present ourselves on the tech to community services spectrum. Pluses and minuses discussed. Steve suggested we get a meeting with Kelly Stachowicz to ask how the City Manager's office would like to handle this.

Bill B suggested a brainstorming session to go through the old MOU, find what's worth keeping and see what we want to add.
Action: Bill B will put together that brainstorming session and make the contact with Kelly.

Financial update, Sheila and Jim

Sheila reported that the COD is two quarters behind on their payments, and we don't know if those will be under the old or new MOU.
Bill B said his understanding is that the COD would continue to pay at the old rate -- which would be $1,000 a month (half the old). Sheila said she would contact Kelly. We'll also ask Jim to follow up.
Money in the bank is still OK due to the UCD payment. Approx $13,000. We're OK through roughly February. Anne suggested we ask the Treasurer for more regular financial reports.

8. Classes this fall, update, Sheila

Rob will be doing two classes in December/January. Jan is doing Skype Dec 1 at Connections Cafe.

Bill W suggested an iTunes organizaation class.
Steve noted that he's still willing to do classes, probably will be next year. Drop-in tools would be good.

Committee reports: RAC, Web, publicity

We may have a need for training on sites.
We've got an opportunity for our new board members to get involved in the web team.
We need a note on the elections web site that credits DCN.

Adjourned at 6pm


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