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Minutes for January 20, 2015

New board members, officer nominations, MOU markup, Muni Broadband discussion


Present: Mike Adams, Bill Buchanan, Sheila Evans, Jim Frame, Teri Greenfield, Anne Hance, Jan Meizel, Steve McMahon, Robert Nickerson, Bill Wagman
Absent: Russ Hobby

Guests, for the first few minutes:
Shelley Maddex and Braden Pellett

Bill called us to order at 5:24pm

Agenda approval

Approved by consensus

Public comment


Approve minutes from December

Approved by consensus

Election of new board member candidates Shelley Maddex and Braden Pellett, plus appreciation for departing board member Russ Hobby, Mike and Bill B.

Note that the membership nomination committee intends to continue work through the year.
Mike presented Shelley and Braden as candidates for board membership.
Mike moved approval of Braden and Shelley; Anne seconded.
Unanimously approved.
Shelley and Braden are now members, starting this moment.
Bill noted our thanks to Russ Hobby for his board work and long contributions to the local Internet.

Presentation of slate of officers for 2015-16, Bill W.

Bill presented officer nominations from the officer nomination committee:
President: Robert Nickerson
Vice-President: Steve McMahon
Secretary: Mike Adams
Treasurer: Jim Frame
We’ll vote on that in February. There may be some changes, since these are just nominations.

Update on writing a new MOU with the city; Jim, Mike

MOU draft was projected on the wall and discussed. Executive Committee will continue drafting.

Discussion of municipal fiber as a goal for DCN, Steve and Rob

Noted that the State of the Union Address is supposed to be endorsing community broadband.
Steve and Rob suggested that the time is now for DCN to be moving this to the top of its agenda. Bill asked for a sense of the board that there is enthusiasm about this.
General enthusiasm.

Adjournment, 6:30pm


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