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Minutes for March 17, 2015

New Officer Updates, Fundraising Subcommittee Formed, Future Meeting with Councilmember Davis

by Mike Adams — last modified Mar 18, 2015 10:59 AM

New Officer Updates, Fundraising Subcommittee Formed, Future Meeting with Councilmember Davis

We met at Davis Makerspace building. Rob called the meeting to order at 5:15pm.

Present (11): Mike Adams, Bill Buchanan, Sheila Evans, Jim Frame, Teri Greenfield, Anne Hance, Shelley Maddex, Jan Meizel, Robert Nickerson, Braden Pellett, Bill Wagman

Absent(1): Steve McMahon

Public comment

No public!

Approve minutes from February

Approved by acclamation

Updates from New Officers regarding duties

Bill Wagman (BW), the new treasurer, read the information from the 2013 budget summary which he had received from Sheila, noting an income for that year of 54k from various sources.

Anne reiterated her desire for a regular treasurer’s report.

Sheila then gave BW the information on the income and expense from the last six months of 2014. Reviewing that material BW noted there was about 10k in the bank account. Sheila added that the finances were more volatile than previously, including the absence of the payments by the city to DCN since the expiration of the MOU. Sheila noted that the income and expense from the relationship with OmSoft was now essentially even.

Responding to a question Sheila added that she received the financial information from the accountant, Robert Salazar whose office is on Olive Dr. Sheila gets the information in paper format but offered to ask the accountant to send information electronically to the treasurer. Sheila/BW proposed a further review of the financial status at the next meeting when there is more complete information.

Mike, new secretary, reported that he had received an email from Steve documenting the procedure for creating and posting meeting minutes. A brief board discussion followed regarding the nature of the minutes taken, and Mike explained that Steve portrayed the minutes primary function as that of institutional memory. Jim noted DCN’s extensively documented history. Rob pointed out that the group could meet in executive session if there were sensitive items to discuss. Mike agreed to continue taking minutes in this fashion and asked for close review of the drafts.

Update on MOU with the city, Jim

Jim said the incorporation of suggested and agreed upon changes to the MOU was complete.

Jim contacted Councilmember Davis regarding the negotiations process, and he responded that there should be a refresher meeting with Kelly Stachowicz and himself, including DCN’s role in possible municipal fiber. After discussion three people were identified to attend the meeting, Rob, Bill Buchanan (BB), and Jim. The discussion morphed into the next topic.

Fund raising and Update on municipal fiber as a goal for DCN

Shelley asked why recent reporting on municipal fiber had mentioned Innovate Davis but had omitted mention of DCN.

Rob gave the context that the Enterprise article came primarily from the presentation to the city council by the Magellan group, which had been employed by the Yolo County LAFCO to assess the status of Internet access in the county, not specifically Davis.

Teri added that both Rob and Steve had given eloquent statements during the public comments at the meeting.

BB noted that Robb White (Chief Innovation Ofcr, Davis) had subsequently mentioned both DCN and DavisGig prominently in an article on Muni Fiber.

Shelley felt that all the interested groups should be coordinated to present a unified message regarding fiber, and that we might provide some initial guidance.

Rob reported that DavisGig now had a web site and was tuning the message that they wanted to present before outreach to other groups. It was suggested that an op-ed piece from DCN would be useful in raising awareness of the fiber issue and DCN. Teri may try to edit the city council comments for a DavisGig video.

BW asked what the board felt was central to the City’s focus  - innovation, new business?.

There was discussion regarding fundraising.

Rob stated that DCN had the advantage of being a 501(c)3, while DavisGig was an ad hoc citizens’ committee. Rob asked if it would be appropriate for DCN to raise funds for a feasibility study.

BB pointed out that DCN needs increased revenue beyond just the fiber project

Shelley presented the following

  • start with donors who had given previously (generally agreed that it was a limited pool)

  • DCN needed a well crafted message listing specific and measurable outcomes

  • community businesses with a certain profile could be approached

  • possible to approach USDA for federal grant

  • Grant writing requires framing the message to match the grant provider

  • determine how donors will be recognized (acknowledgement, levels)

  • DCN needs to have a clear mission

Anne suggested that we need to define what we will spend money on

Mike suggests there may be some local community individual support, particularly for fiber

Jan suggests that the accountant should be consulted early in the process.

Several possible ways to spend additional money are raised including community outreach, classes, and expenses around the fiber project.

Rob proposes and Jim seconds a motion that a Fundraising Subcommittee be formed to explore the issues raised - passed by voice vote.

The following board members are designated as subcommittee members - Shelley, Jan, Rob, Mike

Upcoming classes, Sheila, board

Rob will check in with Sheila. Steve may be doing a class on simple websites. Sheila reported that the Senior Center is more focussed on one-on-one tutoring, and that it doesn’t seem to draw well outside the senior community. Other venues were discussed, such as DPD, which Jim thinks will not be available after 5pm. The university resources were considered. BB said that they would raise the issue of a room at the Vet Memorial as a community resource with Robb Davis.

Committee reports, Jan/Anne, Steve

Jan reported that there was one request for website assistance/hosting, but expected that to pick up later in the year.

Newsletter, Rob

Rob asked for suggestions and contributions as he works on next newsletter. Anne suggested some discussion of community fiber and possible links to information.

Next meeting location/announcements

The meeting next month will be at the Davis Makerspace location.

BB wondered what locations existed where we could regularly meet. Rob said that makerspace in the summer might be hot. Shelley said that there would be space at the university at the Alumni center, and between early June and late Sept parking would be unregulated after 5 pm. Anne offered meeting at Explorit. Other sites mentioned were the library (difficult to schedule), the schools (unreliable), Panera, Seasons and Davis Roots.

Adjourned at 6:15pm


NEXT BOARD MEETING: April 21, 2015

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