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Minutes for April 21, 2015

DCN and DavisGig Relationship, Fundraising Draft, Meeting with Councilmember Davis, Classes at Explorit

Minutes for April 21, 2015

by Mike Adams — last modified Mar 18, 2015 10:59 AM

DCN and DavisGig Relationship, Fundraising Draft, Meeting with Councilmember Davis, Classes at Explorit

We met at Davis Makerspace building. Rob called the meeting to order at 5:15pm.

Present (11): Mike Adams, Bill Buchanan, Sheila Evans, Jim Frame, Teri Greenfield, Anne Hance, Steve McMahon, Jan Meizel, Robert Nickerson, Braden Pellett, Bill Wagman

Absent(1): Shelley Maddex,

Public comment

No public!

Approve minutes from March, Agenda

minutes approved, agenda approved after addition of minutes change discussion by Mike Adams

Report on the Meeting with City Councilmember Davis and Staff

Bill Buchanan (BB), Jim and Rob met with Councilmember Robb Davis (RD) and staff member Kelly Stachowicz (KS), Deputy City Manager to discuss the status of the DCN MOU, and the role of DCN is the evolving municipal fiber discussion. It was reported that it appeared that RD was being careful not to get ahead of staff on these issues, and that staff had been tasked with making a report/recommendation on the matter of DCN. There would be no discussion of the role of DCN in the city’s fiber project until the staff has evaluated the MOU. It was suggested that we might line up some testimonials by community members to show the staff the value of DCN as perceived by people that we service. It was suggested that the meeting emphasizes the need to get funding directly from the community.

Jim felt that one problem was that the city staff don’t know how to put a value on services that DCN provides.

Jan was concerned that an over-emphasis on our support of the schools might suggest to the city that we should approach the schools for funding, and to proceed cautiously since the school district had withdrawn from DCN when funding was raised.

Anne pointed out that if we move the relationship with the city from IT to Community Services there may be enhanced reporting requirements as there are with Explorit. We would need to better track all of our services.

Steve said that different aspects of DCN work falls under the rubric of different departments, i.e., classes might fall under Community Services while fiber consultation would be more relevant to the City Manager.

BB reported that RD was interested in the amount of community support for DCN, and that he responded positively to the term social infrastructure when discussing DCN’s role.

ACTION ITEM - because of the importance of city staff to the process Jim agreed to contact Kelly if we don’t hear back soon regarding the MOU.

Fundraising Discussion, RN

RN described the work that he and Isaac Wheeler (DavisGig volunteer) had done on a fundraising plan, which he had sent to the fundraising subcommittee, and shortly to be sent to the rest of the board. Jan had seen it and added comments as well.

The discussion raised the following:

It is not possible for DCN to have a formal(contractual) relationship with DavisGig, such as fiscal agent, as DavisGig has no legal standing or formal structure.

There is a need to create a structure where DCN is protected as the responsible party, and a plan that DavisGig feels is accountable, as well as third parties, if we seek grants.

Any additional financial work should be accompanied with money set aside for accounting.

We may need legal advice to create the structure (Kimbal was mentioned as a possible provider of legal advice)

This requires a plan for a DCN project that would fit the requirements.

We may need a project manager.

We need to have a contact with DavisGig in addition to Rob.

Steve offered the motion -We are, in principle, willing to have a project with a separately designated budget to work on developing a gigabit municipal network. - it was seconded and passed.

Rob wants to be able to move forward with tabling at the Farmers’ Market in May, and possible early fundraising for the early initial costs (printing, logo, etc.).

The Fundraising Subcommittee is tasked with reviewing the fundraising plan and creating a startup plan for moving forward in the short-term.

Jan suggested that we might want to make the logo design a contest open to DHS/UCD students to increase interest.

Among other concerns we should be prepared to provide letters for tax purposes to contributors.

Update on Municipal Fiber Efforts, Rob

Rob met with and got offers of support from the UCD IET Communications Resources, responsible for Internet at the University.

BB recommends contacting Gary Sandy, former mayor of Woodland, now with UCD Governmental Relations (local) as an administrative contact.

There is a meeting scheduled with Rob White (Chief Innovation Officer for the City) where someone will be presenting information on fiber in San Leandro.

Upcoming classes, Sheila, board

Sheila reported that Explorit has agreed to let us hold classes at there facility, which will hold 30 to 40 attendees. Classes should be scheduled as far in advance as possible. Second Thursdays of the month are not available, otherwise the schedule is ad hoc, with some other community groups scheduling events periodically.

Action Item - BB will contact Dewight Kramer to ask if he is willing to do a class on Internet Security.

Committee reports, Jan/Anne

There were no pending requests for website assistance. Anne handed out information about the DCN Internet Resource Tools for Nonprofits, explaining that this is the role that the Resource Allocation Committee (RAC) plays as part of the DCN delivery of services.

Next meeting location/announcements

The next meeting will be Tuesday, May 19, location TBA.


Adjourned at 6:12pm

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