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Minutes for July 21, 2015

MOU Update, DCN Finances, UndoTheFall Art Project, Fundraising, DavisGig

We met at Davis Makerspace building. Rob called the meeting to order at 5:17pm.

Present (7): Mike Adams, Bill Buchanan, Jim Frame, Anne Hance, Steve McMahon, Robert Nickerson, Braden Pellett, Bill Wagman

Absent(5): , Sheila Evans, Teri Greenfield, Shelley Maddex, Jan Meizel, Bill Wagman

Approve Agenda - approved at 5:17

Public comment

No public!

Approve minutes from May, Acknowledged Notes from June non-quorum Meeting

approved at 5:18

Update on MOU (Jim)

No news, emailed  Kelly Stachowicz (KS), Deputy City Manager, will be meeting with her to make agreement.


Finance Report (Rob)

Rob distributed a brief report from Sheila regarding DCN finances. The group concurred that the informal overview was a start, but more information on the organizations current financial status is needed. A few questions and ideas were raised as a result of the report:

  • Are the donations reflected DavisGig specific?

  • What does the amount shown for the accountant cover and is it monthly?

  • Can we negotiate a rent reduction/elimination?

  • When was the paid position last reviewed and how many hours does it represent?

  • Can we solicit contributions via the newsletter?

  • UCD donation is a two year figure, but in the report as though annual.

DCN Umbrella-ship for (Jim)

Rob made a motion for DCN to develop an umbrella-ship agreement to provide a financial management arrangement with the artist, for a small administrative fee. Motion passed. Anne requested that the artist produce a clear explanation of the imagery used in the piece.

DCN Fund Raising (Rob)

The board discussed avenues of raising funds for DCN. It was suggested that we approach Davis businesses, specifically banks, for support. In terms of other sources of support it was pointed out that while the DJUSD could not make contributions to NPO’s the PTA’s could make contribution.Steve made the motion that we have a program for sponsor acknowledgement on our website at the rate of $500 a year, in agreement with the IRS rules and regulations. Jim seconded. Bill B made the friendly amendment that all donors at least be listed, to be maintained by Sheila. Jim seconded. Motion passed. Steve will work on the format for adding sponsors and donors to the website.

It was suggested that board members have the “DCN by the Numbers” document when we approach donors. Anne will send RAN a donation template.

DavisGIG, (Rob)

Rob met with people involved in getting funds for fiber development. Fujitsu is a big supporter of community networks, largely because their equipment is located in several recent buildouts. There was an DavisGig outreach event at the Davis Library that was well attended. A enthusiastic audience with many who want to get involved. Steve and Rob were both there as well as city staff. Good speaker who emphasized why the additional bandwidth was needed. There is a possible fall followup/update event. Anne challenged everyone to make a donation to DavisGig. A DavisGig outreach meeting is currently scheduled with the Soroptomist organization Sept 16th.

Next meeting location/announcements

The next meeting will be Tuesday, August 18, location TBA; if Makerspace bring a fan.


Adjourned at 6:03pm

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