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Minutes for November 17, 2015

City Contract Update, DavisGig News, Fundraising

We met at Davis Makerspace building. Rob called the meeting to order at 5:19 pm.

Present (7): Mike Adams, Bill Buchanan, Jim Frame, Anne Hance, Robert Nickerson, Bill Wagman,  Steve McMahon

Absent(4):  Sheila Evans, Jan Meizel, Braden Pellett, Teri Greenfield

Quorum (Quorum is 6)

Agenda modified to make the next meeting 12/15 5:20, approved

Public Comment none

Approval of Minutes from October 


Finance Report

BW said there is not yet a report. Anne and others said that was problematic. BB suggested that we ask the accountant for a report by the 10th of the month. BW will pursue this with Sheila and the accountant. Also we may want to get it in .csv format. Jim added that we had received $12 thousand from the city.

Update on MOU with the City (Jim)

Jim reiterated the payment that was made. The contract itself is still in process. The payment was for the prior year, through June 2015. We need to invoice for subsequent months, though they may not pay until the contract is signed. BW will work with Sheila to invoice the City up to the current month.

DCN Fund Raising

Rob wants to further review the FNB and the fundraising letter. Get a letter with three parts. Get a list of organizations used. Rob added some changes to the FNB grant request and suggested an addendum listing expenses. The application will be done by Nov 30 to be taken to the bank. Mike will take it to the bank.

Let's have the fundraising letter drafted and ready by Dec 7. We should have entries in the database by that time. Mike will look into Giving Tuesday and work with Steve.

DavisGig Update (by Rob)

Steve - if we are making an effort to bring fiber to the premises FTTP we need to negotiate with the homeowner rather than taking it just to the street. This has a lot to do with the cost ($150,000 per mile presumably to the premises) and the scheduling of different aspects of how the timeline should proceed. Rob had another meeting with Pacific Utility construction at an executive board meeting. UC Davis was represented as well as Matt Williams. Matt has plans for DCN to do a feasibility study. Matt presented a timeframe for proceeding which he gave to Diane Parro and to DCN. Rob mentioned that he was concerned that there was no plan for voting on a bond issue. Will we want to do a crowd funding endeavor - $75 to $125 thousand? Jim wants to be sure that the City is on board with all of these plans. Richard Lowenberg is interested in doing work on the feasibility study. Rob has put an RFP on Google Docs that outlines the scope of work for an RFP. Presently the City Task Force is not operating. BB says we need to have buy in from the City for the feasibility study before we fund it. LAFCO did the needs study. The feasibility study will primarily be financial - can this be done without losing money. The feasibility study may not be as focussed on engineering, that could be a task force consideration.

Fujitsu wants to meet again. Steve thinks that their initial proposal was too expensive but feels like we can still get information from them. He also suggested another workshop on the topics relevant to DavisGig . D M G Mori may have space or the City chambers. A number of possible speakers were discussed, with an idea of the stakeholders being represented. Steve and Todd Kaiser from DavisGig tabled at the Farmer's Market this past Saturday (11/14).

Committee Reports (Jan/Anne, Steve)

There have been several applications for email lists.

Web committee had a brief server outage and the server may need to be replaced.

NEXT BOARD MEETING: December 15, 2015, Location TBA

Adjournment 6:19

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