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Minutes for December 15, 2015

Finances, Fundraising, DavisGig News, Taskforce

We met at Davis Makerspace building. Rob called the meeting to order at 5:15 pm.

Present (9): Mike Adams, Bill Buchanan, Sheila Evans, Jim Frame, Teri Greenfield, Anne Hance, Steve McMahon, Robert Nickerson, Bill Wagman

Absent (2): Jan Meizel, Braden Pellett

Quorum (Quorum is 6)

Agenda -- approved

Public Comment none

Approval of Minutes from November approved

Finances (BW)

Finance Report was received and discussed. MA requested we get financial info in a .csv file format. Month to month comparison was requested, and Steve added a request for year to year comparisons, which will be helpful when income stabilizes, and a balance sheet to complement current Income and Expense statements. Sheila clarified that the reconciliation discrepancy noted on the current report was the result of a donation refund for a donation mistakenly made twice. Jim stated that payments in the new MOU with the City will provide for payments each month. Upcoming meetings related to finances - Rob to meet with Autumn Labbe-Renault, Executive Director of Davis Media Access, regarding the current rent for the DCN office space; Steve to meet with Tom Stanionis, of the Yolo County Registrar’s Office.

DCN Fund Raising

The board spent some time signing and adding notes to the fund-raising letter to be sent out - 44 in all. The question was raised as to whether DCN still had an active PO Box. Rob asked about progress on the FNB grant proposal - Mike reported that after a first pass at drafting it was waiting for revision and submission. Rob offered to help.

DavisGig Update (by Rob)

Rob reported Sonicnet suggested we look at Stockholm as a model for our fiber network development. The board discussed the creation of a broadband taskforce at the last city council meeting to explore a high speed community network. Several local groups and institutions were initially designated as having a representative on the taskforce, with DavisGig and DCN among them. There was preliminary discussion regarding who might serve on the taskforce, and if there would be alternates.

NEXT BOARD MEETING: January 19, 2016, Location TBA

Adjournment 6:12

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