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Minutes for January 19, 2016

Finances, Fundraising, DavisGig News, Taskforce

We met at Davis Makerspace building. Rob called the meeting to order at 5:15 pm.

Present (8): Mike Adams, Bill Buchanan, Sheila Evans, Jim Frame, Jan Meizel, Steve McMahon, Robert Nickerson, Bill Wagman

Absent(3):Teri Greenfield, Anne Hance, Braden Pellett

Quorum (Quorum is 6)

Agenda -- approved

Public Comment none

Approval of Minutes from December approved

DCN Financial Report

Board members liked the check register that Bill W./Sheila provided with the report. The report shows that we have very high energy costs for our computer office. Rob says we have six or so servers still located there, which need to remain until we have an AirFiber link between Omsoft at 1930 5th ST and DCN at 1623 5th St. AirFiber is a wireless product line made by ubiquiti which makes good high speed links.

We do have some outstanding receipts - some from Omsoft (as well as outstanding payments owed to Omsoft). Rob reported that DCN will be receiving partial payment soon. We also haven’t received any payment from the City for the current fiscal year (6 months). For this reason the bank account is quite low. Steve spoke with Tom Stanionis, of the Yolo County Registrar’s Office,  who will make sure that during their transition new staff are aware of the connection to DCN, which  he fully supports continuing. There is some uncertainty in our relations with that office in the future.

BW will pursue getting a CSV file.

DCN Fund Raising (Mike)

Rob and Mike completed the required paperwork for joining the Big Day of Giving, that is scheduled for May 3, 2016. There are workshops scheduled, with Mike intending to attend.

The Teichert Foundation application deadline is Feb 26, 2016.

The end-of-year fundraising mailing was made to 44 people recommended by board members. A total of $610 was raised.

DCN was awarded a free nonprofit version of SalesForce. Because of the complexity of the software no decision has been made on if we will use it for donor and volunteer tracking.

The First Northern Bank application has not been completed.

Officer Nominations, Board Terms

Board terms - we can look at the minutes from previous years to see which board members have terms that are expiring. The question was raised as to whether someone other than Rob be president because of DavisGig and the City’s broadband process. BB we all have multiple roles in a small community so let’s proceed as is until it becomes an issue. Jim can the executive committee form the necessary committees to suit the bylaws. The two committees are for Board Nominations and the Officers Nomination Committee (currently delinquent, see bylaws). Rob constituted the ONC with Sheila, Bill Buchanan ,Rob, and tentatively Kimball to serve as the community member.

Braden has submitted a letter of resignation, Rob is following up with him.

DavisGig Update (Rob)

Rob has tried to reach Diane Parro and the city re the taskforce without response - should we do this ourselves? Jim feels the city can assess the engineering. Can we start a task force and also can we contact elected officials and let them know we are interested? Steve thinks we should start the task force process, and then hand off the work to the task force. Rob will call a meeting of DavisGig.

Committee Reports (Jan/Anne, Steve)


NEXT BOARD MEETING:  February 16, 2016, Location TBA

Adjournment 5:59



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