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Minutes for February 16, 2016

Finances, Fundraising, DavisGig News, Taskforce

We met at Davis Makerspace building. Rob called the meeting to order at 5:20 pm.

Present (7): Mike Adams, Bill Buchanan, Jim Frame, Teri Greenfield, Anne Hance, Steve McMahon, Robert Nickerson

Absent(4):, Sheila Evans, Jan Meizel, Braden Pellett, Bill Wagman

Quorum (Quorum is 6)

Agenda -- approved 

Public Comment none

Approval of Minutes from January approved with minor clarification

DCN Financial Report 

Board members discussed the format of the report. Anne was concerned that the information wasn’t consistent month to month. There was agreement that it would make more sense to present what we would like to see and then see if some combination of the accountant, Sheila, Bill W, or another volunteer could help produce it month to month. Mike agreed to draft a format and share it with Bill W.

Anne raised another issue, which was the comingling of DCN and DavisGig funds in a single bank account. She suggested that separate accounts would be prudent. Jim countered that it was the accounting procedures that were necessary to track the funds appropriately, and separate accounts were no guarantee. The matter was left that the issue would be raised with the treasurer, and a process formulated, perhaps with advice from the accountant, for tracking the funds.

Feasibility Study (Rob)

Rob located a fiber network feasibility study that was used for Northfield, MN. He has modified it and distributed a draft to the DavisGig participants. He is proposing that we share with the Davis Broadband Advisory Task Force (DBATF) and, with their agreement, send it out March 11 to several vendors with experience in the field. He suggested that we should propose a process to the DBATF where DCN offers to contract for the study and raise the funds to cover the cost (estimated at approximately $70,000). He was anticipating that, with time allowed for responding to questions from vendors, we might award a contract to do the feasibility study by mid-June.

Steve pointed out that we do want to make sure that we meet the City of Davis’ requirements of due diligence as this will be the groundwork for a future engineering and design study and developing a finance plan.

Mike asked Rob if he could contact Diane Parro with the goal of being able to distribute the draft to the DBATF prior to the first meeting, and he agreed.

Jim Frame moved that the representatives of DCN and DavisGig present the RFP draft to the City of Davis Broadband Advisory Task Force at its first meeting and offer that DCN serve as the Contracting agent, fund the study, and serve as the fiscal agent. The motion was seconded and passed.

With regard to the fundraising aspect of the project, Anne asked that grant writers who might be available in the DavisGig organization be identified for future grant writing. While pointing out that the timeline for the feasibility study made grants an unlikely source of funds, Rob and Steve agreed that it could be done to meet future needs.

DCN Fund Raising (Rob/Mike)

Rob and Mike heard back regarding additions to the required paperwork for joining the Big Day of Giving, that is scheduled for May 3, 2016. They each completed a section and expect that requirements have been met. 

Board Changes

Braden Pellet submitted his resignation, which was accepted by the board after a motion by Steve. The board also approved the reactivation of board member Tsui Chang, appointing her to a two year term beginning February 16, 2016, after a motion by Anne to that effect.

Officer Nominations, Board Terms 

Board terms - Steve moved that we accept the nominations of both Rob Nickerson and Jan Meizel to new two year terms on the board, following the expiration of their current terms. The motion was seconded and passed.

The board received the report of the Officer Nominating Committee, which was constituted at the last board meeting, recommending the following slate of officers:

Rob Nickerson   President
Mike Adams      Vice President
Steve McMahon   Secretary
Bill Wagman     Treasurer

Steve moved that the board accept the recommendations of the nominating committee. The motion was seconded and passed.

Committee Reports (Jan/Anne, Steve)

Anne reported that Yolo Community Band, a local nonprofit, requested and was approved for a Simple Site. She shared that there are now 402 nonprofit organizations with Davis addresses, and that she hopes that the RAC will work in coming months to determine if the Simple Site offering by DCN continues to be useful to that large pool of eligible organizations. 

The web committee had no new developments to report.

NEXT BOARD MEETING:  March 15, 2016, Location TBA

Adjournment 6:25 

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