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Minutes for March 3, 2016

Financial report; Fundraising for feasibility study; DavisGIG update

Rob called the meeting to order at 5:18 pm at Davis Maker Space



Present: Mike Adams, Bill Buchanan, Tsui Chang, Sheila Evans, Anne Hance, Steve McMahon, Robert Nickerson, Bill Wagman

Absent: Jim Frame, Teri Greenfield, Jan Meizel

Agenda approval

Moved by Mike, seconded by Bill W.

Unanimously approved

Public comment

No public!

Bill W asked if we're doing anything to advertise these meetings, and we're not now. Tsui volunteered to get it on the public/website calendar.

Approve minutes from Feb

Sheila moved approval, Anne seconded.

Unanimously approved


DCN Financial report

Sheila reported that she's working on getting city payment of old invoices now that we have an agreement. There's been some confusion about status of the agreement (actually signed?) and who should get the invoices. She's working on it.

Steve reported that there will probably need to be a more formal agreement with the Yolo Elections Office (Yolo Recorder/Clerk/Assessor) for our various activities currently covered by an old MOU. Steve will be in communication with Tom Stanionis about this.

Anne asked about internal fund accounting to differentiate between DavisGig and remainder of DCN's budget. Mike suggested we have a special line item for this when there are actual expenditures.

Anne reiterated that her preference is for a separate bank account, but noted that others think that good fund accounting (separate GL lines) is adequate to distinguish both income and expenditures. Income is currently clear, but there haven't been any expenses to show up yet.

Fundraising for FSR (feasibility study for muni fiber network)

Robert reported that the DavisGig folks have been working on getting an RFP for this prepared to present to the city's BB advisory task force. Some investigation of possible initial contributors (perhaps for matching contributions) have been made by DavisGig volunteers and associates.

Rob reported that this is a specified DCN program in the Big Day of Giving fundraising plan. Mike noted that the BDoG mechanisms allow for matching specifications. So, ideally, we will get those lined up before BDoG. 

Anne suggested that fund-raising videos would be ideal. We have a short video already. We need to publicize this and get people to the video. Improve Facebook presence.

Rob reported that there are various prize mechanisms and that we might qualify for some extra money for some of them if we work at it. Rob will send us a list of what he thinks we might be qualified. 

This is six weeks away! Mike encouraged us to popularize this event with our contact networks.

Steve can generate a list of list-server list owners and ask for them to notify their organizations as appropriate. 

Resignation of Bill Buchanan

Rob notified us that we've received a resignation from Bill, effective at the end of this meeting.

Bill was enthusiastically thanked for all his service.

Rob presented a bottle of ale contributed by the “IT guy at Sudwerks”.

Bill responded by thanking the group for great work.

Bill said he's willing to stay on the board list.

Steve moved we leave Bill on the board list; Mike seconded. Approved by acclamation.

DavisGIG update

Rob reported that the RFP is basically ready to be shown to the Broadband Advisory Task Force and then published. Rob has been talking to community broadband people about how it can be distributed.

(BATF first meets March 23rd.)

Rob has a ticket for the Connected Communities Conference, which could also be used to publicize the RFP.

(Mike left the meeting.)

Committee reports, Jan/Anne, Steve

One new simple site / calendar user.

Next meeting location/announcements

 Rob thanked Tsui for rejoining us!



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