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Minutes for June 21, 2016

Non-profit outreach; Yolo Elections/Recorder/Assessor MOU; DavisGig update

Rob called us to order at 5:10pm at the Davis Makers' Space

Present: Mike Adams, Sheila Evans, Tsui Chang, Jim Frame, Anne Hance, Jan Meizel, Steve McMahon, Robert Nickerson, Bill Wagman
Absent: Teri Greenfield


Agenda approval

Unanimously approved, moving committee reports to top of business

Public comment

No public!

Approve minutes from May

Jan moved, Anne seconded
Unanimously approved

Committee reports

Jan reported that Anne has obtained a list of all the non-profits in Yolo County. Jan has put this data in a spreadsheet and suggested the RAC and board begin emailing known connections to these groups to let them know what we're doing. She said we might ask for support for DavisGig as well as offering our tools. Differentiate between Davis & Yolo organizations.

Plan: put it on Google Docs and ask everyone to sign up to contact organizations they know.

Steve reported that the election night reporting went well.

Mike reported that the Outreach & Promotions Committee (OPC) is reconstituted with himself as chair. He also reported that our Facebook page traffic is up. Board members liking our posts as individuals – and sharing – help with this.

Possibility of using Facebook ads -- which for a targeted audience is very cheap -- was discussed. No rush, this is just a possibility in the future.

DCN Financial report

Sheila has sent out the monthly spreadsheet. Other news: a couple of big DavisGig-earmarked contribution. Requests for payment for Elections and UCD (IP addresses) out and awaiting response.

Anne pointed out that the next FY is beginning next month and we don't have a budget yet. Sheila said she'd fill in #s from past years.

Sheila suggested we go ahead and open a new bank account for DavisGig. No objections; Sheila and Bill will take care of that.

Anne moved we open a separate bank account for DG funds
Jan seconded
Unanimously approved

Yolo Elections MOU

Rob and Steve recused themselves from discussion of the motion due to their connections. Steve works part time for Elections and Rob executes some of the server work for Omsoft.

Mike moved that we authorize the executive committee to consider and authorize signature on an FY 16/17 agreement so long as it has the same fiscal impact and no additional services required.

Sheila seconded

Unanimously approved with Rob and Steve not participating

DavisGIG update

Rob noted some fiscal impact studies that are very favorable.

Rob noted that the Ammon, ID, model is very close to what DCN/DavisGig are advocating, and there is a DavisGig meeting scheduled with the company that helped with the open-access portion of Ammon's network plan.

Mike reported that the BATF at its last meeting took up the DCN/DavisGig proposed RFP and decided that it wants the City of Davis to take responsibility for this. So, plan is for BATF to take up RFP and recommend to City/Council. To accomplish RFP changes, a subcommittee was formed and will be presenting revisions tomorrow night. Mike reported that the subcommittee work went well, but did not discuss details. The council may be able to approve the RFP in August. Replies and vendor choice would follow.

Rob discussed possible pilot projects that could be undertaken while the city moves.

Next meeting location/announcements

We'll skip August! 


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