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Minutes for July 19, 2016

Financial and DavisGig reports

Rob called us to order at 5:20pm

Present: Mike Adams, Sheila Evans, Tsui Chang, Jim Frame, Teri Greenfield, Steve McMahon, Robert Nickerson, Bill Wagman

Absent: Anne Hance, Jan Meizel

Agenda approval

Bill moved, Sheila seconded

Unanimously approved

Public comment

No public!

Approve minutes from June

Mike moved, Bill seconded

Unanimously approved

DCN Financial report

Sheila discussed a spreadsheet she'd sent out before the meeting; cash situation is good.

She's working on getting set up for PayPal's charitable registry which would allow us to have no fees.

Steve reported that Yolo County will need the contract re-signed with some additional terms. He's working with them on the insurance coverage terms. Sheila will help get the additional certification.

Sheila reported that the UCD payment is still pending.

Rob reported on progress moving most operations away from old Fifth St office. Not quite done.

BDOG check in: $2,018. Sheila reported allocating $500 to DCN general, rest to DavisGIG account.

DavisGIG update

BATF took up RFP and will hopefully finalize this week as a recommendation for the council. Council expected to take up August 30th.

Mike and Steve reported on that progress.

Rob discussed software that can handle open-access live changes in setup. Allows setup of VPNs and such inside network with little intervention.

Rob has met with some folks about a possible pilot project and reported some possibilities, including funding. None specific enough to write into the minutes.

Rob noted that there is a CLIC webinar tomorrow on public-financing options.

Committee reports

Mike reported that the Outreach and promotions committee has been discussing possibilities for Facebook posting. Rob asked it would help to plug into Zendesk to issue tickets on responses.

RAC got and approved an application for resources for a merchant marine veterans group.


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