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Minutes for September 20, 2016

Financial report, Municipal fiber vision, fall retreat planning.

Rob called us to order at 5:15pm

Present: Mike Adams, Jim Frame, Anne Hance, Jan Meizel, Steve McMahon, Robert Nickerson, Bill Wagman, Sheila Evans (10 active members; quorum = 6)
Absent: Tsui Chang, Teri Greefield 

Agenda approval

Jan moved approval
Anne suggested we review the services promised in the city MOU to make sure they're realistic.
Bill suggested combining this with item #6
Bill seconded
Unanimously approved 

Public comment

No public!

Approve minutes from July, 5:18

Mike moved approval, Jim seconded
Unanimously approved; Anne and Jan abstained

(Sheila arrived)

DCN Financial report

Sheila had forwarded the last financials to the mailing list. Sheila noted that the DavisGig breakdown was missing due to temporary online account availability.

UCD payment is still forthcoming.

Rob asked if a rolling 12-month comparison would be helpful, since last year disappeared when the fiscal year ended. General agreement that would be helpful.

Rob also asked about PG&E bill now that all equipment is removed from 1623 Fifth. Sheila said we don't yet have the August bill, which we hope will be different.

Requested insurance assurances have been forwarded to Yolo County. 

Re-conceiving DCN as gatekeeper to the DavisGIG Fiber Network, Board, 5:30 

Rob reported that the council has unanimously endorsed the issuing of a broadband feasibility study RFP. Lots of praise for the idea of municipal fiber.

Rob introduced the idea of promoting the idea of open access, possibly with DCN involvement in management. Rob suggested that our ability to have the network owned by the town and managed by a non-profit representing shareholders is vital and argued for the importance of muni ownership. Rob also noted that it would be a great model for other communities. It's not guaranteed; we still need to work for it 

This model is happening in other places in the world, but is relatively uncommon in the US. Rob couldn't think of a case involving a community network.

Anne asked if this vision is available online. Rob noted that it's on the DavisGig wiki. Steve suggested we remodel that into a “vision” document that the board can endorse and publish. 

Mike suggested also addressing and discussing needs without necessarily endorsing. He wondered if we want to go to far in appearing to advocate one model. Bill and Steve noted that a vision is not a concrete model. We can note that fiscal feasibility is vital and that adaptation to those requirements is vital.

Rob noted that he was also asking what DCN can be doing to get ready.

Steve noted the tie to the next agenda item: having a retreat could have the goals of working on the specifics of this. General agreement about willingness to do this in a fall retreat.

Rob also noted the degree to which he thinks the community is willing to financially back a project of this general variety. The executive committee will be doing some exploring.

Fall DCN Retreat, Board 

General agreement on late October, with date selection to come.

Steve asked if we want to do it whole day. Anne asked if we want a facilitator. Exec comm to work on those details. Beginning consideration Friday, Sept 30.

Executive Session to discuss contract

The board held a short executive discussion to discuss a contract.
No actions taken.

Committee reports

Jan noted that she and Anne will be developing a proposal on RAC functions. 

Steve reported on the update of District Dollars, a project with the DJUSD, to current budget.

Rob reported that DavisGig volunteers had found companies to receive the RFP and had done some publicity to information clearinghouses.

Nokia has shown interest in compiling some recommendations based on our needs. Not a formal RFP reponse; more of a business case. Fujitsu also back in contact and is really impressed with Ammon's management model (entry-point networks). Also to be ready for smart-cities style future options.

Mike reported that outreach committee's main work in the past two months has been Facebook work. Need a meeting soon.

Next meeting location/announcements 

October 18th

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