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Minutes for October 16, 2016

Retreat planning, financial reporting

Call to order at 5:20pm by Rob Nickerson

Rob called us to order at 5:15pm


Present: Bill Wagman, Tsui Chang, Robert Nickerson, Jim Frame, Anne Hance, Mike Adams, Jan Meizel
Absent: Steve McMahon, Sheila Evans, Teri Greenfield

Agenda approval

The agenda was approved.

Public comment

No public!

Approve minutes from September 20th

Unanimously approved 

DCN Financial report

Anne had some suggestions: She requested more detail on the Financial Report and some discussion followed. Feedback was positive.

A motion to have the board provide a template to present to Sheila was passed. A template will be provided for discussion.

DCN Retreat

A retreat has been scheduled for Monday, October 31 between 10:00am & 2:00pm. The location will be determined. Rob offered to provide lunch using credit from Lamppost Pizza.

Committee reports

No reports this month. Anne & Jan agreed to discuss RAC.


Rob announced he is getting a list of requirements for the Nokia Team.

Rob stated he had participated in a Cal. ISP conference call with other providers. Sonic Net and a Telecom attorney were present.

There was discussion of the relationship between Cruzio and the city of Santa Cruz.

Mike asked about outreach and Tsui stated there had been no newsletter for a while.

Rob announced a regular Monday evening (I don’t remember if it is weekly or monthly) announcement will be posted on Davis Wiki.

Next meeting location/announcements

November 15th, Maker Space

Adjournment – 6:03pm

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