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Minutes for January 17, 2017

Officer nominations; BATF update; Committee reports

Rob called us to order at 5:15


Present: Jim Frame, Anne Hance, Rob Nickerson, Mike Adams, Jan Meizel, Sheila Evans, Steve McMahon, Teri Greenfield
Absent: Tsui Chang (on leave)

Agenda approval

Jim moved approval, Sheila seconded
Unanimously approved

Public comment

No public!

Approve minutes from November

Jan moved, Bill seconded
Approved unanimously

DCN Financial report

Sheila confessed that she didn't get out the current report in time for the meeting, but that it was little changed from December's report.

Bill, Mike and Sheila are still working on getting a report from the bookkeeper that will give us the report we want.

Related: Sheila reported that the DCN office is packed and ready to transfer to a corner of Omsoft.

Rob reported that he's working with Derrick of DMA to get the last equipment transferred out. There are some electrical issues to resolve. Rob is checking on when the lease expires. Rob thinks expiration may be this year.

2017 Officer Nominations/Board Terms


Officer Nominations

Potential slate being discussed by nomination committee:

President: Mike Adams

Treasurer: Bill Wagman

Vice President: Steve McMahon

Secretary: Rob Nickerson

Board Terms

Information on which terms are expiring is vague.

Teri will be leaving the board. Sad!

Matt Williams has been approached and expects to attend the February meeting.

BATF Update

The city's Broadband Advisory Task Force has two finalists for the Feasibility Study: CTC and CCG. Sample work has been read and references checked.

Interviews are scheduled for January 25th, beginning early in the evening. The task force has drafted a set of questions that each will be asked to addressed. Decision is expected to be made at the next regular meeting. Mike discussed some of the issues.

Committee reports

Jan's done some publicity work for resource availability. Resource requests continue to be down.

Steve reported that he created static mirrors of three simple sites (all still online) to serve for archival purposes for a donation of papers to UCD.

Mike reported May 4th is the next BDOG. Profile needs to be completed by end of month. Mike is working on that; got 990ez from Sheila for that purpose. Rob noted that Davis GIG pitch needs updating. This should be on the next agenda.

Next meeting location/announcements

Next meeting: Feb 21st, Maker Space

Adjourned at 6:08pm.

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