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Minutes for March 21, 2017

2017 Board Term Renewals; Broadband Community Summit; Board Email List; Committee Reports

Mike called to order at 5:15pm at Omsoft, The Davis Makerspace facility was locked.


Present: Mike Adams, Jim Frame, Jan Meizel, Steve McMahon, Robert Nickerson, Bill Wagman, Mathews Williams

Absent: Sheila Evans, Anne Hance, Tsui Chang (on leave)

Agenda approval

Agenda approved unanimously JM moved, WW seconded.

Public comment

No public.

Approve minutes

JF moved, WW seconded, unanimous

2017 Board term renewals

Rob, Mike, Bill, Jan - JF brought up that serving officers were automatically renewed, and so SM moved and MA seconded,and JM agreed to, renewing JM for another two year term, thank you JM!

Likely: Expiring in 2018: Anne, Steve, Sheila, Jim

DCN Financial Report

This item was at first postponed, hoping to have SA come and help explain things, however this item was concluded and the board discovered an accounting error in the report, staff wages were mischaracterized an asset versus an expense.

Broadband Community Summit

This topic was expansive, organized around attendance at 2017, BBCCS, featured a motion, but also had general discussion of DavisGIG.

  • RN offered a characterization of the email sent about MA offering to go to the BBCC. DCN EX-COM considered optics for training ? not appropriate for DavisGIG to send RN to go to a training as a CEO of a privately owned Internet company. MA would use DavisGIG funds, but then refund his ticket through matching grant donation, and MA could do it. SM mentioned they offered to send or subsidize another person to attend directly to the DavisGIG list.
  • SM made motion to subsidize 2 people using DavisGIG funds to subsidize travel, and enrollment for up to 2 people for BBCS- MW, 2nded, MA abstained, passed unanimously. RN suggested MW who is occupied that week. MA would be a good choice, SM thought RN would be a good choice to send as well if wanted.
  • SM referenced and article about Google Fiber and recommended DCN talk to Susan Crawford to do a public talk about why FTTH is a good idea and investments in the community. WW mentioned that the community fiber in SF is going off.
  • MW brought up the Portland Revival talk, judy corbett, and alan hirsch, are putting on a sustainable communities speakers series. JM says we need it to be in the forefront of the news, and we should do a speakers series.
  • MA speaks about disappointment with canceling 3/22 BATF meeting. Could prompt BATF to be co sponsors of speakers series. MA please ask SM to keep the ball moving on the speakers series, MW and SM will work on making the speakers series. JM says make list of biz and community groups and organizations who might be interested in speakers series, and supporting the gigabit network, to encourage them to come and invite their membership to discuss the model
  • MW says our aims align with the chamber in 3 of its mission statements, and to come to the Government Relations Committee, to help move things along.
  • Discussion about why the BATF was cancelled. RN spoke about the Nokia Community Broadband team requirements document, not being completed, and not being able to get them involved. Then also having COS systems for the time slot that was rejected by City Staff. RN reported his last outreach from City staff involved the meeting still going fwd, with using the time slot to look into other activities of the committee. SM shared he thought the reason was that Innovation staff are preoccupied with another city issue at this time

DCN Board email list

WW brought up that older board members, on the DCN board list that need to be removed - WW said there is some people that don't show up to board meetings do they need to be removed. WW put out some members of the list that he didn't know of and the board directed some to remove some to remain. SM brought out asking if everyone is ok to have non board members on this list. WW Ask about functional email - president, vp, sec, treasurer, class

These are real mailboxes - SM suggested these become aliases to the email address - making the president, vicepresident, secretary, and treasurer forward to admin

Committee reports

JM indicated some people might need training, no luck getting blurb in Enterprise, will try for next month. Also that we reconsider changes in the function of the RAC, perhaps due to a lack of new sponsored projects.

SM had quiet on webteam.

MA was attending captains meetings for BigDOG, wondered if Tsui might be able to able to help do our social media push around the big DOG event.

RN reported on DavisGIG, informing the board Om Networks is responding to RFI for Fiber in the NDM CSA north of town. Plus RN noted the gloom on the local blog about city finances and asked the board members who are present what would make them comfortable to advocate DavisGIG as one of the possible solutions to the city financial situation in the comments section of this blog, as a way of keeping it in the discussion. Board members acknowledged they think this is a possible solution to that problem, but stopped short of saying they would publicly state that on the local blog.

Next meeting location/announcements

BATF at Celebrate Davis? SM will email Diane Parro

NEXT BOARD MEETING: Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Adjourned at 6:17pm

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