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Minutes for May 16, 2017

Big Day of Giving Debriefing, Plans to Exit 5th ST office, Preparations for Fiber Feasibility Study

Mike called us to order at 5:16pm at Davis Makerspace


Present: Sheila Evans, William Wagman, Matthews Williams, Steve McMahon, Robert Nickerson, Jim Frame,

Absent: Mike Adams, Anne Hance, Janet Meizel, Tsui Chang (On Leave)

Agenda Approval

Approved by consensus

Public Comment

No members of the public were in attendance.

Approve Minutes

Motion made by William W, seconded by Robert N, approved by consensus.

Big Day of Giving Debriefing

Jim F asked about "any large donations" we need to do special thank yous. Michael A made a great contribution, covering his trip expenses, but aside from that but no $1k or $2k donations. Sheila mention the paypal fees, and the ability through BigDOG to donate to cover the processing fees. Sheila E indicated more donations "came in" last week, being the time she printed the donation report, and the 5/16 Board Meeting. Largest were "Karen R" who donated $300.

After PayPal fees $1699 deposited, $5499 from BigDOG takes a few months to get that. Got some thanks and congrats for Mike A, and Robert N for getting some momentum on the donations.

COS systems, is it worth it? Jim F indicates its a lot of money, can we export the data? Is there something else we can do? Matthews W indicated we have to build revenues. Robert Nickerson explained why COS systems Service Zones is the right product to use now, and why it would fit. MW talks about the City's effort to market 3 tiers of energy to the City of Davis. A lot of communication from the Joint Powers Authority with exact households. Sheila E thought it would be a good for DCN to roll out the demand aggregation, as it puts the organization in a good position helping show the City how much demand there would be and setting up DCN as the broker to the DavisGIG network.

Is there possible cross over with Community Choice Energy(CCE)? Would Service Zones be able to gather information on and sign up people to CCE? Woodland is going to join. Steve M brought up ownership of data? it could be DavisGIG, but it could be Ting or WAVE doing our community broadband, would we get repaid ?

Steve M says we need to know how the data will work, or what its usefulness be, or if possible transfer the account, to a Ting or a WAVE. Could we pass on COS systems account if a WAVE or Ting takes on doing the broadband?

Matthews W parallels to the CCE - the data is an asset. Robert N asked about how Community Choice Energy is billed. Matthews W said the bill comes from PG+E. Should we ask COS Systems if it would support energy take up as well? Steve M indicates perhaps we can talk at the executive committee lunches.

DCN Financial Report

Discussed and accepted, Robert N indicated we need some sort of backup whereby we can get this data regularly to the board, without being contingent on attendance of one board member.

Plans to exit 5th St Office

Lets be out by 7/1 Jim F says has a truck, Steve M says would get beer afterward. Picking 6/9 at 1pm as the move out time. Robert N brought up the preexisting Telco equipment on wall and cabinet that DMA would like removed. Robert N indicated perhaps be done removing final equipment on Monday 5/22.

Preparations for Fiber Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study Report - Broadband Advisory Task Force (BATF), need to think through what we want for the feasibility study. Steve M would like to see breakdowns to curb, versus curb to house. Steve M says engineering study kick off today 5/16? no one knows.

Innovation City staff have done first lengthy meeting, isn't preliminary meeting where we'd want to break that out ? Matthews W to ask city staff about 4 hour kick off meeting - wants video and audio of it. So many things discussed, having a video is a transparency action, and creates a record. Matthews W refers to the meeting as the expectation session, Steve M says people act differently when they are video'd b/c they grandstand. Matthews W will find out if it can be video'd, ask will come from BATF.

Discussion about dynamics of being recorded. Robert N wants model we provided, DavisGIG to be considered, and information we need from the FS, to asses the strengths of that model.

Committee reports

DavisGIG committee -Robert N talked about meeting with a UCD staff person who came to an economic development hosted by Jon Li, who was very interested in secure fiber optic facilities which could be used by UCD at offsite campus locations. This staff person was charged with organizing resources for interdepartmental grant awards and ensure that all facilities were present. Robert N has had anothre round of convos with Peter Bell around using the WeFunder platform to raise money for fiber deployment. Robert N indicated there is interest from residents on or around Pacific Dr in a fiber optic system. Matthews W will follow up with Fremont CA innovation guy, Mr Duchamp about their project and how it went. MW asked about which committees there were.

Next meeting location/announcements

City is getting ready to go public with speed tests documents and telecom bill analysis. BATF members at Celebrate Davis at City booth. Matthews W suggests an insert in monthly water bill.


Adjourned at 6:11pm
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