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Minutes for September 19, 2017

BATF Review, MDU Challenges/Study Design, Chamber Membership


Present: Sheila Evans, Steve McMahon, Mike Adams, Robert Nickerson, Matthews Williams

Absent: Jan Meizel, Jim Frame, William Wagman, Anne Hance, Tsui Chang(On Leave)

Call to Order

Called to order 5:44pm

Agenda approval

SM moved, SE Seconded, passed unanimously.

Public comment

No members of the public were present

Approve minutes from 8/15/2017

SE moved, SM seconded, passed unanimously

DCN Financial Report

DCN rec'd SM honorarium income of $300 for the well-attended "Cutting the Cable" workshop at UCD. Financial report is now on Sheet 2 of the Excel spreadsheet as it is a new fiscal year of 2017-2018. 2016-2017 is wrapped on Sheet1. RN asked about the $350 expenditure, and that is a registration fee for the Davis Chamber of Commerce fee. No more rent, or PGE is helping maintain the good balance on the financial report.

BATF review

MA asked Deputy CIO of City of Davis for an update from questions for the Feasibility Study vendor from last BATF meeting. MA reported we got preliminary engineering report, from Finley. Generally asked who gave us the initial numbers for cost estimates for the fiber installation? BATF (Broadband Advisory Task Force) had many questions in regards to the Finley Plan. It was a cadillac plan. MA says we asked for other costs for a passive designed network, will see what we hear back as to the questions.

SM reiterated that the MDU's are critical, is there choice at MDU? The board speculated, that the manager of network operations at UCD, on the BATF, might suggest the university leverage its Student Housing contracting to set standards and encourage municipal fiber optics to apartment complex owners. BATF requested the city look to spending some already allocated money on a more in depth study of MDUs. Maybe contact Tandem to go for it. SM says the university could get cooperation from key apartment companies. MW says just a handful of important "owners" to discuss this with. Maybe we can can get them on board, with meetings. RN we find them at the Chamber of Commerce. MW says more money from fiber, not copper. MA says City CIO staff might not have "budget" to attend fiber conferences, its not clear to MA that they have a budget to familiarize themselves with the Economic Development benefits. SE asks could DavisGIG send them? Board agrees should push getting them going.

SM brought the conversation back t0 MDUs, says we need to have know barriers to entry to MDU market - might have problems getting into the buildings. BATF has asked the city do a supplementary study and be added to the budget, to survey large MDUs. Specifically to see survey wire rooms, and discuss contractural impediments. If DavisGIG did 10 major complexes, with a local contractor. SM says would DavisGIG pay for their engineers? no just find a local contractor. DavisGIG/DCN might need to do that if it doesnt come from CCG. No opposition to the idea of further exploration of MDUS, but how could it be credible? MW says lets make a list of MDUs we have experience with, and might build, and go out and talk with them. City Innovation staff pushing idea to incorporate into the existing Feasibility study that is already budgeted. More credible if it was accepted by CCG.

On the ground knowledge is had by locals, City Innovation Staff might find a local outfit to do it. MW wouldn't expect engineers to make the business case to the MDUs, just survey the infrastructure. There is an outreach to the big players needed. If big ones come along little ones come on. MA will make sure MDU study is on agenda for next BATF meeting.

In conclusion, If the city cant do it, SM says DCN/DavisGIG should do it, but would be much better if it was in the report.

On the subject of the initial high costs by Finley Engineering, RN brought up that we don't need all proposed active fiber cabinets. MA says they took a totally conservative approach to the conduit, and they assumed higher fees. You don't want to underestimate. MA indicated the contractor, CCG is concerned about its reputation advising winning projects. MW says there are about 26000 dwelling units, and it should be an opt out of the fiber network versus an opt in.

SM if we get into MDUs we are golden. Critical issue. More discussion and details needed at executive committee.

Visit from COS representative discussing software

Cos Systems on October 17 2017. Can we meet in the morning on that day? SM, JF, and RN available. They also do the open access "business engine".

Committee reports

Webteam:SM talked about Explorit parting ways. We are keeping their old site.

Outreach: MA says we are way under on facebook versus DMA and KDVS. Its valuable when the push for fiber is happening. Articles are good. MA asks we share in our networks; At this point no twitter. Newsletter is a "lift," MA says we should talk in the future. RN says we need to leverage (DCOC) Davis Chamber of Commerce. MW will ask Chief Innovation Officer, if there is anything we can present to gov relations committee to begin the dialogue of what community fiber means to economic development. Reaching out to City Staff and making sure we can talk about the issue is important. MW says DCOC is quiescent at the moment. MA asked about progressive b exchange as well.

Next meeting location/announcements

October 17th 2017 5:15pm DMS


Adjourned at 6:23 pm.

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