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Minutes for October 17th, 2017

Board Resignation, Board and Officer terms, COS Systems Presentation


Present: Mike Adams, Jan Meizel, Sheila Evans, Jim Frame, Steve McMahon, William Wagman, Robert Nickerson

Absent: Matthews Williams, Anne Hance, Tsui Chang (On Leave)

Call to Order

Mike called the meeting to order at 5:16 pm.

Agenda Approval

SM recommended we move the resignation item forward. With that changed Agenda approved unanimously.

William Wagman Board Resignation

Brief discussion about passing off WW, Treasurer items. WW suggested going to PDQ and updating name on box, getting 2nd key, new Debit card, and bank account information. WW asks who is the proper person to hand it off to? MA asks can we put 2 names on the PDQ box? has the DCN TN on it. WW and MA plan to meet at PDQ and make changes to name and ownership of DCN P.O. Box. JF recommends phone call to PDQ to verify transfer process. SM has online bank information and PIN for administrator account. WW says he is the admin of the DCN and DavisGIG bank account, and SE has a non admin user on the account. JF asks do we need a debit card? which presently also has WW name on it. discussion about who will take over and get their name on the debit card? This is with Union Bank. MA requests we call UB and ask what is needed. MA asked any constraints on signatures for this bank account? No just 1. Update SE when she came back in. SM says doesn't want to be treasurer, but would put his name on the account and card. WW recommends leaving file and card with SM. WW handed over bank account docs to SM, the VP of the DCN board, board approves. William Wagman is to be removed from the DCN Union Bank acct, and Steve McMahon's name, the Vice President, is to be added in place of William Wagman.

We all express appreciation. WW says its been interesting, says its been enjoyable, asks do we need the pwd for the DCN board lists? nope.

SM moved RN 2nd, unanimously accept WW's resignation.

Public Comment

No members of the public were present.

Accept Minutes from 09.19.17

SE moved SM 2nd. Unanimously passed minutes.

Financial Report

MA asks - 2nd sheet? 2017/2018 August - no revenues? spreadsheet income errors in August not September. Are there totaling problems? SE has computer issues and is not able to make updates, "machine going in multiple times" not fixed. MA asks to be sent excel spreadsheet. Bank balance is updated. rec'd donation from University Farm Circle. JF mentions tax returns need to be signed by officer. RN asks what quarterly return? Quarterly tax return ? for wages and payroll taxes, Form 941. signed by MA. Reported totals in the DCN and DavisGIG bank accounts. RN mentions $25 donation

Changing Board Status

AH feeling better, but requested we change her status to "on leave" SM moved JM 2nded - unanimously approved

Officer Nominations/Board Nominations 2018

Emeritus DCN person needed for officer nomination committee which is apptd by President. Board committee, apptd by board. Researched board terms for renewal. The board is getting stretched thin, SE recommended Facebook and Nextdoor, for new board member solicitation, JM indicated a briefly in the Davis Enterprise. MA says Facebook might be good. We discuss perhaps the new board member wouldn't be treasurer. JF indicated that he would perhaps step back into the treasurer role. For the 2018 term, JM offered to take up secretarial duties, whomever is on the officer committee would be able to know whats been offered. RN indicated expiring terms, SM went over the nominating committees.

COS Systems Meeting

SM talks about Service Zones ,the campaign product; make small zones, neighborhood champions, literature packages. SE asks how is the contact made? SM explains about how its a neighborhood campaign, end point. SM talks about business engine as well. Its used in Kitsap county in WA, 250k people. SM describes how that works, mostly we talk about the present utility of Service Zones. Lots of questions from other Board members. MA spoke with Isak quite a bit, took him to lunch at 1st and B. MA had quite a discussion with Isak after the meeting. Strength of using it is being able to, bootstrap it financially from the get go, you are getting the ROI right away as you build out the other neighborhoods.

MA suggests that you could get a revenue bond possible as you are building a neighborhood that is ready with takers. Advantages to having it viable from the get go, versus doing the whole city at once. It would be better for the bond payments, to build neighborhoods first that are the best takers. JF asks, do you have to go back and rebuild backhaul to other neighborhoods if you miss a neighborhood. JF is wondering if it takes a lot to run it, but who is going to run it? Once you are up and running, auditing payments, JF asks can it be independently audited. SM asks what is the underlying database?

SM believes the city couldn't operate it early on, says Service Zones and Business Engine work with the model we are putting forward. SM says we don't make the city run it. Do we want the city to own it? and have an independent operator. JM spoke about DJUSD trying to make a network happen with their own expertise, can't expect to with non qualified staff. MA says question of expertise, and in marketing phase, you need people invested in driving it. MA says he doesn't think the software would be too difficult to pilot. MA is impressed with the software, but designed around open access, DavisGIG fiber can start off not open access, and can make it open access in future. You can transition once its established. MA talks about other "products" that could be sold with Business Engine. You can transition to new services. The complexity is dealing with multiple vendors. SM says cash flow is important, skeptical of capital investments if you can give providers a leg up on getting built.

SE asks what is next step, SM says we have to finish discussing the Feasibility Study Report to come up with the model. Do we want the intermediate entity or wholesaler. Maybe next step is to bring this to the BATF, but shortly after, the report discussion, if we need to show demand then we do it sooner. How interested pricing and so on. SM says there is a lot to think about. There is a mention of its capabilities addressing favored providers in MDUs, and he was interested in using COS to help with MDU.

SM thinks its a strategy to work the MDU issue. Its on the agenda for next Wed. JF has a contact in Tandem too. MA says lets see what we find out next Broadband Advisory Task Force (BATF) meeting, and then pursue MDU plan.

Take Rates in MDUs

This item was tabled for a later lunch discussion.

Committee Reports

1 applicant for RAC. please pump our FB page by mentioning specific sponsored projects, getting people to like us more. Good for fundraising. Recommend by Board members.


JF met with City Council Candidate Mark West - says he is in favor of DavisGIG. According to JF, Board member MW is not running and he thinks Linda Deos and Mark West are good candidates.


Adjourned at 6:10pm.
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