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Minutes for November 21st, 2017

2018 Board and Officers, Board Member Solicitation and Vetting, Feasibility Study Working Group


Present: Matthews Williams, Steve McMahon, Sheila Evans, Robert Nickerson, Mike Adams

Absent: Jim Frame, Anne Hance (On Leave), Tsui Chang (On Leave), Jan Meizel

Call to order

MA called the meeting to order at 5:16pm.

Agenda Approval

SE moved, SM 2nded, Agenda approved unanimously.

Public Comment

No members of the public were in attendance.

Approve minutes from October, 17th 2017

SM moved, RN 2nded, Minutes approved unanimously.

DCN Financial Report

RN brought up an addition error with October numbers. SE says computer still having problems, no formulas are in the excel spreadsheet. Tasks not completed from last meeting, MA suggests putting it in a google sheet. RN asks are the accountant doing payroll taxes? or only doing bill pay? SE indicates there are a lot fewer bills. They do the 990 too and charge extra $225 for year end form. RN recommends PayCycle. MA cautious about doing it, if we need to have an option for doing year end versus quarterly payroll reports. Its formulaic but easy? MA asks is there a non profit package by Intuit? our funds don't change a lot.

MA asks who determines assets? SE indicates that SM was making those determinations of assets, which SM was not able to confirm, and then she says now its accountant. MA says need to update profile for bigdog, when is 990 filed? SE thinks its around fiscal year 07 - 07, is the most recent one. MA wants to look at it as a package. SM looked at automated pay solutions. MA said balances look ok. Are we looking at big expenses. RN indicated COS - MA said that is out of the Davis GIG funds.

2018 Board term renewals and officer process

The board discussed selecting and asking a volunteer for officer nominating committee, Recent ex board members we re discussed as well as former President, Kari Peterson could be available. SE and MA and hopefully William Wagman will be the committee. The board discussed a possible 2018 officer slate, positions would stay largely the same with JF being Treasurer again. MA expressed confidence in moving forward the slate as it has been informally discussed. Rules for board member and officer nominating committees were researched and discussed. PLEASE PUT IN who is up for renewal in Feb 2018.

Process for vetting new board members

MA asks is there a procedure or formal process for vetting board member candidates. There are 2 potential candidates, W and EL. RN gave a rundown about the meeting with one candidate, Doug Walter. At the candidate meeting we discussed what we have going on at DCN, the stage of the process of DavisGIG with the Task Force, and helping him come to an assessment and decision about joining the Board. In general, vetting? SM brings up board nominating committee of 2 board members, and a volunteer. SM moved a board nominating committee of RN, SM and WW, Seconded by SE. Approved unanimously. As far as a potential process, doing an advertisement/solicitation, and then perhaps a face to face meeting, is the current pro forma process.

Status of BATF and the feasibility study

MA wants to meet more than once monthly about municipal fiber Feasibility Study Report(FSR), from a DCN/DavisGIG POV. MA says that the draft of FSR, says the business case to entirely pay for itself doesn't pencil based on the very conservative assumptions in the study. However, there is a public goods case, an economic multiplier and economic development case. MA asks, what is our strategy with City staff? MW says that it might go against the community, what is discussed on the table in the FSR is the worst case scenario. MW indicated the council will make discussion based on expediency. Tied directly to votes and community based political will. MW says we have to create political will behind the public good argument. Could it be generated by COS service zones approach?

SM says Friday might not be good to have meetings, discussed by MA, not focused enough to get them done. SM ask should we pick another day/time? SM says we have a longer meeting, than an Executive Committee meeting. To work on it, if MA would like. A deliverable would be given to the BATF from DCN. MW, what are the messages being delivered in this product? SM says we shouldn't be asserting too much, no "power move," we need to bring the community along. MW says you have to be sensitive with committees, with possible conflict of interest. input. MW asks when are they on? so we have time to create something to go into the packet.

MW suggests 2nd week might be good for a power meeting about the FSR. MW is good to meet whenever, not Monday. Board recommends polling Jim, MA says flush things out from the FSR that balance it. SM says we need to have an amount that is reasonable for the city to put in as investment, and be justified in a cost benefit analysis. MW says interested community members from another City Committee, if we do a "Cadillac" municipal fiber deployment, we should think it about it as a foundation of a smart grid, self-sustaining power structure and monitoring, and use for utility water management as well. With a pervasive, community owned, fiber optic network, we need to be able to describe the benefits, versus the business case. MW says Valley Clean Energy Alliance (VCEA), might be good to endorse for our pervasive network, from a whole energy approach. MW indicated that the Chamber needs more outreach and should have a serious effort to engage.


A high level discussion of what is needed to deliver a winner for the community. We talked about an apartment owner list with MA and MW, and went over whom to talk to and when.

Committee reports and BigDOG 2018 Approval

MA will sign up pay registration for Big DOG (Day of Giving). No other committee reports.


Will there be a December meeting? Possibly.


Adjourned a little after 6pm.

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