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Minutes for January 16th, 2018

Candidates Forum; BATF Status on Municipal Fiber; Email List Controversy


Present: Mike Adams(MA), Jan Meizel(JM), Jim Frame(JF), Steve McMahon(SM), Matthews Williams(MW), Robert Nickerson(RN)

Absent: Sheila Evans(SE), Anne Hance(AH) (On Leave), Tsui Chang(TC) (On Leave)

Call to Order

Called to order at 5:20pm at Davis Makerspace.

Agenda Approval

JF moved, MW seconded - Passed unanimously.

Public Comment

No members of the public were present.

Accept Minutes from November 21st, 2017

JM requested to put initials after full name in attendance on future Minutes. JM moved approval, SM seconded - approved by consensus

Financial Report

MA said that revenues were down versus the budget, but expenses are down. Thanks given to Omsoft. MA will talk to SE using formulas in the new spreadsheet. Encouraging.

MW says there is an opportunity to do a fundraiser, in a candidates forum about municipal broadband, and get contributions. MW, there are 10 candidates for 2 slots. Popularity contest, anyone who talk about issues you lose base. Organically issues will not be talked about, Davis GIG or DCN should come up with a campaign forum specifically focused on municipal fiber, and have a waywa for people making contributions that support it. MA asks when, MW says before 5/1. 65% ballots absentee voters. Ahead of time, JM says after spring break, but so like in the 2nd or 3rd week of April 2018. A forum could be good to show the candidates the importance of community fiber, it would raise awareness of the issue, and get it out in discussion. SM says candidates are beleaguered by too many forums, are we a natural fit with anyone? JF says don't dilute the focus. MW indicated the League of Women Voters is disbanded, that they aren't going to have a forum. JM asks would DCTV broadcast it if we work with them?

Lose franchise fees? SM says DMA hasn't held one on their own. Sustainability, might be a good fit, MW says smartgrid/smart city people would be a good fit. It was discussed as something worth pursuing as a DavisGIG branded event. MA asks how many forums already, Matt says Chamber, DDBA, Vanguard, Civenergy, Rancho Yolo, relatively limited number. JM asks will there be as many candidates? SM says we need a different organizer than MW since MW is a treasurer for a campaign already.

Come up with enough questions, and allow the candidates to differentiate. MA says we can get questions from social media. JM says she could ask the Blanchard Room at the library.

JF asks about Soroptomists are taking grant apps. SM asks does anyone have reservations to keep MW from proceeding, no. Early to mid April - Fiber/Net Neutrality/digital divide candidate forum. MW says it would be a good way to stimulate discussion.

New board members status

MA should we make a motion to accept Doug Walter's proposed board membership ? Yes MA puts forth the proposition of should DCN accept Doug Walter as a member of the board? MW moved, JF seconded the motion to accept the candidate. Approved unanimously to offer the position, so he may be inducted. SM moves RN seconded moving meeting to 6:15pm, moved unanimously. MW discussed the other 2 candidates, DCN Administrative Staff was in charge of arranging a meeting with them

Status of BATF and the Feasibility Study

Productive time spent by multiple board members on the BATF. The Executive Summary of the Preliminary Draft of the report, needs to be made more positive, instead of focusing on the lack of the business case. MA said council will respond to the BATF recommendation, worst case in terms of cost, we are going to see benefits that aren't directly in the strict business case revenues. More on the guts of the report and what is going to influence city council. BATF Chamber represntative is getting more engaged, and so take that as a positive sign.

MW reported talked to Meg Arnold, Gary Simond both very interested to talk to city Council about values to a community that arent in the business case. Whats the best venue for a Here are the benefits? type of event. MW asks, should we do this within the scope of the (BATF) task force? City Staff know MA from the BATF task force, and we should ask for BATF for action on nailing down benefits. SM says he has been asked to comment on the Feasibility Report Ex summary and benefits are scattered, we would work on framing, when the report goes to council.

Several board members concur nothing is going to happen this vote wise for municipal fiber, because of the ongoing taxes issue, and the upcoming elections. There are a couple of new taxes, MA talks about some of the proposed city council candidates. If DavisGIG is a general obligation bond, would it be Nov 2018?

JF asks does City Council, who will accept the Feasibility study make a determination about it , get questions in advance ? Is this high on their radar? Are we going to pay and how? What do the council candidates think are the benefits? JF suggests a good message would be "We are redirecting our money. Redirecting so greater value."

RN asks anything about property managers or apartment owners? SM says next steps, on the ground survey of the MDU questions. There is as of yet, no MDU subcommittee?

BigDOG 2018 Approval

BigDOG profile is being redone, profile work is being done. If anyone wants to work on getting video. MA says lets talk to Davis based non profits, to see if they want to work together to get matching fund grants. Could we blend together, we might be able to get more matching money, and get more donors excited. MA asks for someone to help motivate him forward in this direction.

Committee reports


No requests for web sites, should I do something more productive? with the RAC? We are open to reworking this committee into something more pertinent

SM says there is controversy over one of the RAC lists, with, and the organization is trying to take management of lists. DCN supports organizations, not individuals. There is a lot of controversy in this organization. MA says we want a board authorized letterhead signed from the board president. Board concludes to be consistent with the past rules. JM says a letter from the officers of the organization. MA says if you feel the president is speaking for the board, MA says use your judgement. MW says we should get their organization to provide a point of contact for all communications. JM says there is a "contact person" designated from the organization. Several board members feel that the DCN Webteam has sufficient guidance from our board to hash it out. If there is any inter board conflict, the Webteam and RAC will notify the DCN board.

Next Meeting Location/Announcements

Tuesday EXCOM lunches. Change from Fridays


Adjourn 6:17pm

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