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Minutes for August 21st, 2018

Administrative Staff Departure; RAC Sunset, BATF status


Present: Mike Adams(MA),Sheila Evans(SE), Steve McMahon(SM), Jim Frame(JF), Matthews Williams Jr.(MW), Robert Nickerson(RN), Jan Meizel(JM), Doug Walter(DW),

Absent: Tsui Chang(TC) (On Leave)

Call to Order

Called to order at 6:18pm at the home of Mike Adams.

Agenda Approval

JM moved; JF second - approved unanimously

Public Comment

No members of the public were present.

Accept Minutes from June 2018

SM Moved; SE second - approved unanimously

DCN Financial Report

Board reviewed June 2018 accounting, July not made available. MA says there is an error on 2017-18 actuals total DCN expenses was a discrepancy that lowered DCN's net income. Accounting expenses - $27 versus $2700. MA will send a correction. SE has split the BigDog patron donations and will be reporting an update at September meeting

MA discussed creating a financial dashboard with visual representations of DCN's financial situation. which shows important expenses and trends. Background prior year information and graphical representation. Board discussion of financial report includes questions, "what is the meaning of DavisGIG entry of $486. How is that seperate? SE not aware of what it corresponds to.

MA asks about account Omsoft Receivables in the 2017-18 actuals. SE confirmed DCN stopped making payments , and Omsoft stopped paying DCN due to the network administration fees, and declining subscriber revenues matched each other out. JF and RN will perhaps renegotiate an agreement or discussion at an exec committee report.

MA says the organization is financially secure, but expenses have been cut dramatically. SE resubmitted invoice and PO, to UCD as no income has yet come. SE will give a status at next week's executive committee meeting. Depending on role of DCN in possible fiber network, expenses might be stable for the near term.

Administrative Staff Departure

MA discusses email SE sent about admin "duties" and what is happening at the position. MA asks if it were divied up, could 4 officers do the task of the admin position? Advises to get out of payroll taxes and workers comp for the moment if it takes time. If there were demand on the organization it can be reinstated. Unfortunately nothing close to taking a larger role with any City wide Fiber network.

Plan for next meeting, and SE should be able to move through the "files" not a lot of "active attention needed"


Resource Allocation Committee - SM says non profit toolkit is less and less a needed thing. DCN still does well with email lists, websites and calendaring no longer distinctive for the DCN RAC. Lots of orgs use them, and there are that existing orgs are not using websites and calendars. SM says if continue, we should rethink it, perhaps do consulting for non profits. RAC proposes going on back burner, no longer solicit new organisations, if something new comes in direct them to other free organizations.

JM thinking same thing, the Davis Enterprise is now putting our notice in frequently. 3 apps in 3 months, and one is contentious, movie related request. Explorit and Davis Bike Club. SM says the area is percolating with consultants who are moving people to wordpress. MA says came late in regards to the toolkit, he had use the email lists. In terms of the DCN domain for email, is that a problem? no. SM says services run "smoothly" at the moment, and so its no problem to keep going. SM says they are retired, and he is thinking of no more surprising things, and the support of the webteam organization, and it's non profit tool kit is in a graceful sunset.

An ambitious effort. it delivered tremendous effort over the years, DW asks about having a portfolio of good advice for going on with a web presence, best practices. DW recommends a short guide, SM brings up the issue of volunteer burnout at other smaller organizations. We dont have any other younger energetic members to develop these programs.

Immediate question, a church group to publicize movies, JM says will tell them to find Google for Non Profits? They asked for a lot of extra help. SM says its ok to say no.

General board consensus on putting non profit toolkit and not taking on new non profits and "wind down" providing current maintenance for current clients. EMail lists? yes still. So we are taking that off. RAC winding down solicitation efforts.

MA reiterated having a nice thing to do for long time RAC Chair Anne Hance. JM will call AH and find a good time to have a good recognition ceremony, Maybe Nov - 15 people or so.

Broadband Advisory Task Force


Not meeting until September - MA says their MDU subcommittee needs to talk to owners, from the excel spreadsheet, Tandem is 17%. SM says 5 interviews, result in massive amount of local market.

Advertised meeting with smaller MDU owners - SM says we can talk to 5 owners. MA can they invite for September. MA says we should talk to Sterling and Nishi and make sure they, Lincoln40 and Sterling. MW says we are better if they build it in the rent. Then its easy, and no opt out. SM says we may be told they are getting a kick back from Comcast. JF says Tandem doesnt do it, but perhps others do. MW says they should be contacted for built in on their project.

Research committee does can also be used by Comcast. RN brings up meeting with new board member Dan Carson, and JF says he will continue looking in on that.


Adjourned at 7:07pm
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