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Minutes of December 18th, 2018

Resignation; DavisGIG Mailer; Task Force Update


Present: Jim Frame (JF), Mike Adams (MA), Doug Walter (DW), Robert Nickerson (RN)

Absent: Matthews Williams (MW), Steve McMahon (SM), Jan Meizel (JM), Tsui Chang (TC)(on leave)

Public: Esme Calderon (EC)

Call to Order

Called to order at 6:24pm by MA

Agenda Approval

JF asked for an amendment to the proposed agenda to accept resignation of SE. JF made the motion to adjsut the agenda, RN seconded, approved unanimously.

Accept Resignation Sheila Evans

MA moved and JF seconded acknowledging SE's inactive status and accepted her resignation, approved unanimous consent

Public Comment

Esme Calderon, a Davis resident, and a staff member at a Sacramento Non Profit, expressed interest in finding out more about what DCN is doing with community fiber.

Approve Minutes from August 21, 2018

DW moved, JF seconded, approved unanimously

DCN Financial Report

JF gave a financial report. Changes in balance on DavisGIG acct, remainder in DCN acct, almost $40,000 total. JF reported on the disposition of payments for mailing, the DavisGIG mailer about the fiber phone survey. 5 payments total to Omsoft, printing was around $2000, total with mailing for sending 20,000 EDDM flats a little over $6,000. One of the payments, a deposit on the printing was the last DCN check, the balance of the print job as on a Frame Surveying check which was reimbursed by DCN. Also Omsoft made initial payments of Postage fees and was remitted by bank check from the DavisGIG account at the bank. DW says that there is no problem as long as it is documented. JF related other information on the mailingmailing.

JF made a start of redoing the spreadsheet. RN, did it get sent out to the board? Nope. MA would like to collaborate on it. JF and MA commit to getting together after the holiday to go over it.

MA talked about Big Day of Giving, is anyone working on it? MA says our funding situation is better, and does someone want to take on doing it this year. JF asks what is the time commitment? MA says you have to do the orientation. By end of the year we'd need to update our Greater Giving profile. RN asks, what are the projects we are trying to fundraise on?

MA relayed that Greater Giving Sacramento likes to know who is on the board, financial information, 990s etc. There are 4 presentations for non profits held at the KVIE campus in Sacramento, coaching boards in good fundraising strategies for success. Time commitment is attending one of those and updating the non profit profile on the website.

Then there is the actual time spent on the campaign push which can be many hours? Matching Grants is an idea we have discussed in the past and not been able to finish on? RN says we need a goal to raise money for, and he might take it on.

JF asks what is EC does for Giving Tuesday which she mentioned. She manages the funds for My Sister's Gifts. They do a a 5k Run, promoting social media. They leave fliers. There is a gala,gthe charity is My Sister's House. Help women and children with domestic violence in Sacramento. Offer resources to people in these situations. EC says there is someone on staff that specifcally promotes the organization.

Non Profits generally staff it up. DW reiterates, when having a project or idea to raise funds around. If you name a project raise funds on it every year. Also EC says that My Sister's House, has many volunteers too. Word of Mouth helps.

MA Possibly amend bylaws of DCN to focus on digital divide, if we could make it more upfront, it might give us something to raise funds for.

Status of BATF and the Telephone Survey

MA says SM has submitted resignation to the BATF, and waiting on replacement. MA wonders how the replacement process will work? Phone Survey results are available as part of the agenda to be discussed at the 12/19 BATF meeting. MA says there is some interesting information. BATF finally meets tomorrow, after a cancel November. Mike wanted to discuss implementation options, here is the $100 M and here is the $10M

What can we leverage? JF opines committee is in slow motion. the city staff who was on the committee has had a job title change, is she still liaison? Will there be a new staff rep? More to comment on, after the BATF.

RN goes on a rant about the BATF process. Boils down to have City do the Ring and Sub Ring and work with Neighborly, a crowdfunding site raising money for community owned broadband, to do the neighborhoods one at a time based on demand. Each neighborhood comes in, its connected to the ring and is to be on the open access.

Officers and board committees

MA will check the Bylaws.

Next meeting location/Announcements

Davis Makerspace should hopefully be open for the Jan 20198 board meeting.


MA adjourned at 7:17pm
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