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Minutes of January 15th, 2019

Board Resignation, DCN Operations going Forward, BATF Representation


Present: Jim Frame (JF), Doug Walter (DW), Robert Nickerson (RN), Matthews Williams (MW), Steve McMahon (SM), Jan Meizel (JM),

Absent: Mike Adams (MA), Tsui Chang (TC)(on leave)

Call to Order

Called to order at 6:23pm by SM

Agenda Approval

SM proposed would like to move item 9 "Discussion of DCN's appropriate operation going forward" to after item 5. JF seconded. Adopted by consensus.

Public Comment

No Members of the Public were present.

Approve Minutes from December 18th, 2018 meeting

JF moved, DW seconded, approved by consensus.

Accepting Resignation of Mike Adams

DW moves JM seconded, accepted by acclimation. Thank you Mr. Adams

Discussion of DCN's appropriate operation going forward

General discussion of DCN's outlook given dwindling volunteer energy and reduced role in providing Internet services for non-profits in an era where there are many free alternatives. This included a survey of the board for commitment to continuing work (all willing) and a summary of assets and responsibilities.
There was no action, but a general agreement that the next year will be an important one in working on questions of ongoing activity. Agreement we might need bylaws changes to adapt to reduced activity, board size. Doug agreed to do an early draft of possible changes.

Discussion of BATF news and broadband possibilities for the new year

General discussion of what seems to be a stalled process in the city's BATF and possibilities for demonstration projects that might move us off of zero.

Appointing a new BATF Representative for DCN

JF moved MW to fill the spot, JM seconded, that MW be the new rep on the BATF. Approved unanimously.

Preparing the Apparatus for Officer and Board Member choice

Steve moved that we nominate a "committee of the whole" with Kari Peterson in a volunteer role to make officer and board nominations for the February meeting. MW seconded.

Unanimously agreed.

Quick Financial and Committee Reports

Unchanged financial situation - $15k in DavisGIG and $30k in DCN. Contract for UCD rental of IP block comes up again in March 2019. We will look to check for renewal.


No Announcements


SM adjourned at 7:26pm

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