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Minutes for February 21, 2019

Officer elections and membership renewals

Steve McMahon called the meeting to order at 6:30pm

Present: Steve McMahon (SM), Doug Walters (DW), Matthews Williams (MW), Robert Nickerson (RN)

Absent: Jan Meizel, Jim Frame 

No Public


SM moved we defer accepting minutes for some light editing, RN seconded

Approved by acclimation 

Officer Elections

Proposed slate from Committee as a whole, with Kari Peterson as the volunteer:

  • President: Doug Walters
  • Vice President: Robert Nickerson
  • Secretary: Steve McMahon
  • Treasurer: Matt Williams

MW moved the slate and DW seconded.

Approved unanimously, no abstentions

Board Membership Renewals

Both JM and JF need to be renewed. 

Proposal to renew JF and JM. MW moved, DW seconded.

Unanimously approved. 

SM asked that we read into the minutes that we are aware of violation of  bylaws regarding board vacancies and are looking to get them fulfilled. Unanimous approval for the note.

Discussion of Bylaws amendments 

No changes proposed at this meeting, but a discussion begun with notes submitted by DW.

MW suggests we have the volunteer from outside optional. We wonder about a working number. 7 is good

Article III H 4 B substitute paper copy, publicly available on the website

SM makes a motion, Doug and Steve will being new language to change # directors, electronic notice, nomination process, electric distribution. The suggested changes to the language, to the Bylaws for review on the next meeting, DW seconds. RN mentions he will give notes.

Adopted unanimously


SM brings up WAVE conduit proposal. We may have another opportunity to discuss it with the BATF. SM noted that it was a surprising proposal, MW says BATF was unaware, and the council liasion has been asked for input. Perhaps it will be discussed. DCN Board entered executive session to discuss particulars. No action.

Quick Financial Report

EMail blast to chamber agreed to by exec comm. Accepted by Exec Comm. 


Adjourned at 7:08 pm


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