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Minutes for March 19, 2019

BATF Progress Report

Jan arrived a few minutes before the meeting and offered her resignation

Call to order

6:20pm, DW called to order

Present: Doug Walter, Steve McMahon, Rob Nickerson, Jim Frame

Absent: Jan Meizel, Matt Williams

Agenda approval

Added Jan’s resignation; approved by acclamation

Public comment

No public!

Approve minutes from January 2019, February 2019, 6:19

We have revised draft minutes from January and draft minutes from February.

Rob moved Feb minutes with correction of Doug’s last name, Jim seconded. Approved unanimously.

Rob emailed revisions of the original January draft. These were emailed to the board 2/12/19.

Jim moved approval of the revised draft; Rob seconded.

Unanimously approved.

Jan’s resignation

(Offered in person a few minutes before the beginning of the meeting.)

Doug moved acceptance and that we write a note thanking Jan for her long work.

Rob seconded.

Unanimously approved.

Report on BATF and other City actions, Matt et al.

Subcommittee (Jeff Mishinsky, Matthews, Lorenzo Kristov) appointed to comment on prospective WAVE/COD fiber/conduit agreement. Expected to report at next BATF meeting.

Rob noted that he had looked back to the feasibility report and compared some of the ring infrastructure estimates with requirements for COD INET. Rob noted that changes in network electronics meant that system electronics could be much cheaper, increasing feasibility.

General discussion with agreement that we hope the task force and COD will consider a municipal ring as an alternative to the WAVE agreement and that this might be an important component of a larger muni network approach.

Rob plans to report at the next BATF meeting on the DavisGIG survey (currently at 850 respondents).

Meeting is March 27th.

Bylaw proposal (not ready for motion), Steve & Doug

Doug and Steve begged forgiveness for not having this ready. Deferred until next meeting.

Financial report, Jim

Jim reported in Matt’s absence. No significant changes from February.

Next meeting location/announcements

April Meeting: Tues., April 16th, planned for the Maker Space.

Adjournment, 7:12

Rob moved, Jim seconded, approved by acclamation

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