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Minutes for April 16, 2019

Report of the Broadband Advisory Task Force; COFOR proposal

Davis MakerSpace, 221 G St, Ste. 1337 (on Tim Spencer Alley downtown) Doug called the meeting to order at 6:19pm and, in Steve's absence, took minutes.


Present: Jim Frame, Doug Walter, Robert Nickerson, Matt Williams (arrived 6:46pm)

Absent: Steve McMahon

Agenda approval

Unanimously approved

Public comment

No member of public present

Approve minutes from March 2019, 6:20

Rob moved approval, Jim seconded; Approved unanimously

Report on BATF and other City actions

Discussion of COFOR Phased Deployment Proposal document, Rob et al.

RN: next BATF meeting next week, so Friday morning to be included in mtg packet. But Chris gave feedback that he wanted to focus exclusively on the three charges BATF was given when feasibility study was delivered. DW: we're going to have to step away from only following the cautious route that the City has laid out – but Friday morning is not the time we have to do that. We should help BATF recommend the City think about alternatives, but we (citizens) should move forward with putting together a proposal. RN: may lose some time in having the successor-group reconstitute, and find expertise to address financial and engineering questions. JF: businesses aren't just looking for less-expensive, they're looking for a decent broadband connection. That's a key argument for this idea.

Matt Williams arrives at 6:46 p.m.

MW: talks about people who are contacting Council members. David Waggoner told MW he is happy to help us, when in the country, assisting us in communicating the impact of COFOR on economic development. Important to get UCD involved, as a partner and as a funding source. If we get organized, we'll attract a lot of people to this cause. RN: If students in MDUs can pick UCD as their ISP, then the only cost they'll be paying is the muni ring access fee. MW: Jan Troost has the contact for Shape files that he needs to make us a pretty good map of the basic ring, if the City will authorize release of them. DW & RN propose that the COFOR proposal be presented at the Council meeting when the BATF recommendation comes to them (assuming that there aren't other circumstances intervening).

Bylaw proposal

(not ready for motion)

Financial report

Jim: “We still have money in the bank, and we're going to make progress on the spreadsheet soon.”

Next meeting location/announcements

Adjournment, 7:15 JF/RN passes unanimously COFOR = Community-Owned Fiber Optic Ring

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