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Minutes for May 21, 22019

Draft bylaw updates, municipal fiber

Minutes of the DCN Board of Directors


Doug called us to order at 6:16pm



Present: Doug, Matthews, Robert, Steve

Absent: Jim Frame


Approval of the agenda

Accepted by acclamation


Consideration of minutes from April deferred


Rob related that the Maker Space will have a fundraiser the evening of June 14th, coincinding with Art About, in the alley behind the space.

Rob related that PG&E is notifying us of the possibility of power outages around wind risks. The notifications are vague, and we don’t know how widespread the outages will be. Omsoft is working on updating the generator arrangements, but a long (multiday) outage would outrun the capacity of nearly any generator.

Matt reported that Planning and Finance Commissions will be taking up the downtown plan tomorrow evening. Current plan drafts have no provision for fiber.


Doug had distributed possible bylaw updates prior to the meeting. These concerned address change, director count, director selection committee composition, communication requirements (removing outmoded means), deleting provisions for standing committees and officer selection.

Doug suggested deferring this to the next meeting to have a full board and a clean draft change set.

BATF and Municipal Fiber

The BATF has a draft -- possibly final -- report for the council, due to be discussed at tomorrow’s meeting.

Matt led the discussion of a few proposed amendments/changes that he intends to raise as the DCN representative. These will be meant to strengthen the presentation for the council, not to change the focus of the report.

Rob discussed the possibility of DCN and DavisGig putting together for the council a supplementary document that would show the financial feasibility and benefits of the BATF’s ring proposal.

Next Meeting

June 18th, tentatively scheduled for the Maker Space at 6:15pm. Bylaw updates will be on the agenda.

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