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Minutes for August 27

Report on COD actions, discussion of organizational future

Called to order by Doug 6:20pm at Davis Makerspace

Present: Doug, Rob, Jim, Steve, Matt (arrived 6:35pm)

Absent: None

Agenda approval

Approved by consensus

Public comment

No public!

Approve minutes from June 2019

Jim moved, Rob seconded
Approved by consensus

Report on Astound/WAVE contract and other City actions

General discouragement with Council and staff on the WAVE contract and the general lack of understanding of how much this hurts muni network possibilities. 

Jim noted that COD is still working on some feasibility work for financing.

Possibilities might still arise if PG&E’s assets are acquired by Valley Clean Energy. There might be some synergy possibilities if that happened. Many successful city networks are associated with power-delivery networks.

(Matt arrived at this point.)

Matt related that he’d attended an exploratory meeting by VCE. It’s a very complex, difficult possibility. And something that’s many years out for any real implementation.

Doug brought the discussion to DCN’s role if muni networking is not a short- or medium-range possibility. Waiting is not a good answer, though there are things we can do in the interim. There has to be some activity. Jim was more optimistic that we could be involved in even early efforts.

IP Address leases

Rob re-raised the question of whether or not we want to do more to monetize the IP block.

Jim noted that ARIN is not happy about IP block re-rental. We would need to be careful to make sure we aren’t jeopardizing the ARIN legacy agreement. There is also the issue of revenue unconnected with our mission (our current lease to UCD is easily within the guidelines).

Rob suggested we do some work to research these issues. Jim volunteered, Matt +1, Rob +1.

Agreed to by acclamation: Jim, Matt and Rob will review the legacy agreement and investigating possibilities for lease revenue.

Jim noted that UCD is processing payment under the current agreement.

Organizational future

We’ve covered several aspects of this in previous items.

Doug noted that he’s been involved with non-profits that give grants. He suggested that if we’ve a real interest in this, we need to think about the wording of a call. Steve noted that’s a good way of making our brainstorming practical.

Steve suggested we book time in the next meeting for an extended treasurer’s report that would give us an idea of our resources.

Next meeting location/announcements

Matt will be gone for September. Doug noted a possible conflict for the September date. Ergo: next meeting will be in October.

Adjournment at 7:18pm

NEXT BOARD MEETING: Tuesday, October 15, 2019; 6:15 p.m., location TBA

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