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Minutes for January 21, 2020

Reports on ACE contract, hardware updates, communications with academic network admins on IP block

Doug called the meeting to order at 6:22pm

Present: Doug Walter, Rob Nickerson, Jim Frame, Steve McMahon

Absent: Matt Williams

Agenda approval

Agenda approved by acclamation

Public comment

No public!

Approve minutes from December 17, 2019

Jim moved, Rob seconded

Approved by unanimous consent

Report on Yolo County Assessor/Clerk/Elections (ACE) office

Steve detailed conversations over the past month. ACE staff have responded, and after some initial confusion about unrelated payments, indicated they will work to get back on good terms. In informal discussion, the board agreed to wait on pressing the matter until after the election, when ACE staff will hopefully have more bandwidth for discussion.

Hardware update report

Rob reported that crank (running Solaris, a version that’s out-of-maintenance on old hardware) runs both the Clerk-Recorder and DCN’s community mailing lists. Rob had put web-site updates on hold pending moving those. Should be able to make progress on making a VM available for the sites the next few days. Steve & Rob discussed performance requirements.

Moving Simple Sites will be next need. Steve and Rob will keep in touch. Steve will see if it’s possible to decommission the community calendar.

Communication with academic Network Administrators

Jim has drafted a concept letter that solicits interest in IP block leasing from parties with charitable/educational purposes that would match our charter. These would be beyond the addresses already in use by UCD. Identification of prospects is to-be determined. The draft letter looked good to all.

Next meeting location/announcements

Rob asked about our standing with the State of California, SOS office, on corporate registration. Jim will check.

Adjourned at 7:05pm

NEXT BOARD MEETING: Tuesday, February. 18, 2020; 6:15 p.m., location: Kobe Mini Mart


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