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Minutes for May 28, 2020

Regional domain registration, Yolo ACE Billing, Administrative Details

Minutes of the Davis Community Network Board of Directors

Doug called the meeting to order at 7:05pm; this meeting was conducted by videoconference.

Present: Doug Walter, Rob Nickerson, Steve McMahon, Jim Frame, Matt Williams (Matt joined the meeting at 7:35pm)

Absent: None

Agenda approved by acclamation

Public Comment

No public!

Approve minutes for January 21, 2020

Board members hadn't had a chance to refamiliarize themselves with the minutes. Item deferred. domain registration

Rob reported that Neustar has recognized DCN as the initial registrant for the domain. Neustar had initially been unable to confirm that and had requested that the City of Davis officially recognize DCN as the registrant. Rob had begun a process with the City to do that, but progress has been slow.

The board authorized Rob to communicate the decision to COD, to thank them for the work done to-date and to let them know that we'll be happy to work with them as necessary to maintain their control of

The board also authorized Rob to list himself as the technical contact for, Steve for the administrative contact and Jim for the billing contact.

Both authorizations were by acclamation.

Yolo ACE Billing

Steve reported that Yolo ACE is open to handle billing for our hosting of and by invoice rather than renegotiation of an MOU. We'll just be billing the hosting expenses and not any of the community activities that were part of the old MOU. Rob will submit some numbers to the board that can be approved by email; Jim will invoice on approval.

IP Block Rental Opportunities

Jim reported some discussions researching opportunities for rental in the .edu space, but no other progress.

Jim also let us know that UCD has recently paid for their block rental for the current year.

Taxes and Corporate Registration

Rob had put this on the agenda to make sure that we're not missing any administrative requirements during this confusing time. By discussion we confirmed that 990s are submitted regularly by the accountant, city business license fees are paid when invoiced and that Jim has recently done the Secretary of State filing.


Matt joined the meeting at 7:35pm and we went through the current minutes to familiarize him with business done so far.

Next meeting

Planned for July 21, 2020

Adjourned at 7:45pm.

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