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Minutes for March 16, 2021

Donation agreement, account updates, fiber project report, future project brainstorming.

This meeting took place by videoconference.

Doug Walter called the meeting to order at 6:17pm


Present: Steve McMahon, Matthews Williams, Rob Nickerson, Doug Walter, Jim Frame

Absent: None

Agenda approval

Jim moved approval, Rob seconded
Approved unanimously

Public comment

No public!

Review actions taken by email

Steve asked that we read into the minutes that on August 18th, by email, we unanimously approved the minutes for August 18th in order to be able to give a certified copy to the bank. This was done the same day as the meeting. Unanimously agreed that this was done.

Update on antenna donation letter

A long-term DCN supporter is interested in donating the value of one year of an antenna-posting agreement with Omsoft. Omsoft would credit us for the amount. The amount was $624.

Steve moved we accept the donation and send a notification letter to the donor.
Jim seconded.
Unanimously approved with Rob abstaining due to Omsoft connection.

Updates on accounts, Jim/Matt

Jim reported that there is ~66k in the DCN operating account and a little more than 16k in DavisGig account.

Jim is preparing to transfer (and Matt is ready to receive) treasurer duties.

Rob asked: are we still paying an accountant? Jim replied: yes we are for tax handling, but Jim is handling day-to-day. Jim noted that we may wish to discuss this at some point in the future.

Update on fiber installation in North Davis, Rob

Rob reported that Omsoft has completed and lit a fiber-optic network with ~60 customers, with a few more to come at North Davis Meadows. 

An experienced construction company built out all the conduit and vaults in the ground first. Omsoft then worked with Corning to pre-manufacture the fiber. This cut down on the slicing and splicing of the glass.

Boring and conduit construction took 2-3 weeks total time spread over several months. (COVID, etc. extended this)

The construction company also did the residential drops (street to residence) in something like a week.

What really takes time, Rob reported is getting the cable manufactured, particularly if measurements are not adequate. Much of the total project time was waiting for cable. An added partner did about three days of splicing to fix slight measurement errors in cable lengths.

Rob said he is convinced it’s do-able to do this to disrupt the local market. It’s like a new platform. He believes DCN could bring some assets to doing this as a non-profit partner.

(Background: Omsoft gave the neighborhood an estimate for the entire project. Early adopters would get a 6-year pay-in and possible credits when late adopters join the project. Construction company gets a share of profits.)

Board members were very interested with lots of questions that might merit future discussion.

Discussion of future projects for Community Network, Doug

By email, Steve had enumerated some possible approaches to the future, given that we’ve been relatively inactive for several months. These ranged from “keep our powder dry” in preparation for possible fiber network projects to making small grants to dissolution.

Doug noted that the City of Davis isn’t making noises that indicate any interest in a joint project. He suggested we shouldn’t wait for them to move first. Steve added that in regard to municipal internet, he thinks the city is still looking for a free lunch that won’t happen.

Jim noted that it might wake the city up if we could get a project going in even one demonstration neighborhood.

Rob noted that the city has created a precedent for conduit/service trading that might help with a demonstration project.

Matt also expressed pessimism that the COD will take any initiative, but thought it might not block smaller initiatives from others.

Discussion to be continued by email and at a future meeting.

Next meeting location/announcements

Doug asked: April or later for next meeting?

Rob suggested getting together informally earlier.

Adjournment, 7:07pm 

NEXT BOARD MEETING: Wednesday, April 21, 2021 

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