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Minutes for August 18, 2021

Approval of previous minutes, financial report, discussion of possible future projects.

Doug called the meeting to order at 6:40pm at Pizza & Pints, Davis


Present: Doug Walter, Jim Frame, Steve McMahon, Rob Nickerson, Matt Williams
Absent: None

Agenda approval

Approved by acclamation

Public comment

No public attending.

Approve minutes from March 16, 2021

Jim moved approval; Rob seconded

Agreed by acclamation

Updates on accounts

Matt reported that there has been little or no recent financial activity since the last report.

There is a slight discrepancy ~ $486 between bank account and general ledger. Matt suspects this may be associated with switching bank accounts. This is a very small percentage difference. Matt will investigate and report on this later.

Update on fiber installation in North Davis Meadows

No changes from last meeting. Rob reported that there have been a few late adopters and how this works.

Discussion of future projects for Community Network

This was a wide-ranging discussion with no action taken. Notes for this item are only for the purpose of recalling discussion items.

Rob noted that the experience in N Davis Meadows could point the way to a feasible co-op model.

Rob reported on funding that’s in the works at the state and federal level. These generally strongly encourage municipal internet models.

Steve noted that we could nearly certainly stay within our 501(c)3 model by studying feasibility of a co-op or other semi-public model. We could also promote a feasible model.

Matt talked about ways of promoting public work and talked about avenues that might use state representation.

Jim noted a difference between N. Davis Meadows -- where there was no competition -- and Davis.

Doug suggested there might be co-op oriented analysts that might be able to do an analysis of feasibility.

Rob showed us the bylaws for a 501(c)12 non-profit public broadband utility. He also noted that there are neighborhoods in Davis with no competition for broadband.

Discussion of the possibility of financing limited feasibility studies for particular neighborhoods -- public feasibility of infrastructure costs and co-op or non-profit utility ownership. Something that would move one or more projects into the shovel-ready category.

Next meeting location/announcements

Next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, October 19th at a to-be-determined location or online.


7:40pm adjourned by acclamation.


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