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Minutes for June 16, 2022

Financial update; Discussion of possible projects.

Minutes of the Davis Community Network Board of Directors

Doug called the meeting to order at 12:13pm at Sam’s Mediterranean


Present: Doug Walter, Jim Frame, Steve McMahon, Matt Williams, Rob Nickerson

Absent: None!

Agenda approval

Approved by consent

Public comment

No public!

Approve minutes from May 19, 2022

Matt moved approval, Jim seconded

Approved by acclamation

Updates on financial accounts

Matt reported fiscal year-to-date (11 months) $15,316 net positive bottom-line

Inflows $20,165  Outflows $4,849

Balances for both funds $117,220 (approximately 101k DCN, 16k DavisGIG)

Discussion of future projects for Community Network

Olive Drive demonstration or other network expansion ideas

Doug scouted Olive Drive and noted many utility boxes. A nice variety of businesses and housing for a demonstration.

Matt reported preliminary discussions that were very positive concerning possible fiber project.

Jim asked about difficulty of tapping into existing backhaul fiber

Rob reported that if there's capacity, it's frequently an option to tap existing backhauls. It’' the sort of thing already being done for locations north of Davis.

Matt volunteered to draft an action plan for developing a demonstration project.

Steve suggested that it would be ideal if that plan included some use of funds we have earmarked for broadband projects in a way compatible with our tax-exempt status.

Rob noted that it may be easier to do a project in the county than in the city. Willowbank and the mobile home park south of Davis would fit that description. Steve wondered if there was any broadband-related process to facilitate permitting if studies done in advance. Doug mentioned that any maps of existing fiber infrastructure that the city might have would help.

Rob asked how DCN might participate. Steve suggested we could do a publishable feasibility study that anybody could use to develop a project. Jim noted that we could study what public funding might be available for projects that might affect underserved groups.

Rob asked if DCN can subsidize low-income connectivity. Jim and Doug noted that one-time expenses would be easier to fund. Doug discussed ways an ongoing commitment might be possible.

Rob asked about the possibility of some grant making. Steve outlined a possible small-overhead, grant-making operation that would be compatible with our tax-exempt status.


NEXT BOARD MEETING: To be determined by the press of business, tentatively Thu 7/21/22 at Noon.

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